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Academic staff

Dr Rebecca AbbottSenior Research Fellow, Evidence Synthesis TeamSouth Cloisters
Dr Gary AbelSenior LecturerSmeall building
Professor Charles AbrahamProfessor of Psychology Applied to HealthCollege House
Dr Kunihiko AizawaClinical Research Facilitator
Dr Pouria AkhbariPostdoctoral Research AssociateRILD Building
Dr David AllardLecturer (E&R)
Kate AllenPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Dr Michael AllenSenior ModellerSouth Cloisters
Matt AllwoodAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Rob AndersonAssociate Professor of Health Economics and EvaluationSouth Cloisters
Robert AndrewsAssociate Professor (Clinical)
Catherine AngwinDiabetes Stratification Research Project ManagerRILD Building
Catherine ArgyleDiabetes Specialist Nurse
Lucy AshtonSenior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)South Cloisters
Dr Janice AtkinsResearch FellowRILD Building
Tarig BabikerAcademic Clinical Fellow
Sam BaileyLaboratory Manager
Dr Sarah BaileyResearch FellowCollege House
John BakerClinical Research FellowCollege House
Elina BakerResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Susan BallResearch Fellow in Medical StatisticsSouth Cloisters
Professor Clive BallardPro-Vice Chancellor and Executive DeanMedical School Building
Emma BapleRILD Building
Max BarnishPostdoctoral Research Associate in Health Technology AssessmentSouth Cloisters
Dr Craig BeallResearch FellowRILD Building
Robin BeaumontResearch FellowCollege House
Dr Sarah BellResearch FellowKnowledge Spa
Dr Mino BelleLecturer (E&R)
Dr Segun BelloPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Dr Vashti BerrySenior Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Claire BewsheaExeter IBD and Pharmacogenetics Project ManagerRILD Building
Dr Akshay BhingeLiving Systems Institute
Coralie BinghamHonorary Associate Professor (Clinical Senior Lecturer) Consultant in Renal Medicine Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation TrustExeter Kidney Unit
Dr Gretchen BjornstadPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Sharon BlakeAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Emma BlandCentre ManagerKnowledge Spa
Kelly Blockley
Kate BoddyResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Jessica BollenAssociate Research FellowSmeall building
Dr Elizabeth BowlerPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Pamela BowmanClinical Research FellowRILD Building
Sarah Bradley
Guy Bradley-SmithHonorary Clinical LecturerSt Thomas Health Centre
Dr Kevin BrandomSenior Lecturer (E&S) in Clinical EducationMedical School Building
Professor Nicky BrittenProfessor of Applied Health Care ResearchSouth Cloisters
Dr Hannah BrotherstoneSmall Group Facilitator
Dr Jonathan BrownSenior LecturerHatherly
Sebastian BrownAcademic Clinical Fellow
Dr Edgar BuhlLecturer (E&R)Hatherly
Dr Stephanie BullSenior Lecturer (E&S)College House
Dr Joanne ButterworthClinical In Practice Fellowship
Dr Raff CalitriTrial Manager/ Research FellowCollege House
Dr Helen CampbellPortfolio Manager for Department of Health Research Networks, Clinical Research Facilities, and Cancer ResearchCollege House
Professor John CampbellProfessor of General Practice and Primary CareSmeall building
Dr Daniele CarrieriResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Francesco CasanovaAssociate Research FellowDiabetes and Vascular Research Centre
Dr Richard CaswellAssociate Research Fellow (Named Researcher)RILD Building
Dr Daniel ChalkResearch Fellow
Nigel CharlesAssociate Research Fellow (Child and Adolescent Mental Health)
Dr John ChiltonSenior Lecturer in Cell BiologyRILD Building
Dr Catalin ChimerelResearch Fellow (LSI)
Dr Tudor ChinnahSenior Lecturer (E&S) , Human Anatomy and Clinical EducationMedical School Building
Dr Barry ChiozaResearch FellowMedical School Building
Oriana CianiPostdoctoral Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Professor Linda ClareProfessor of Clinical Psychology of Ageing and DementiaWashington Singer
Dr Christopher ClarkClinical Senior Lecturer in General PracticeSmeall building
Emily ClarkeClinical Tutor - Radiography
Dr Claire ClodeSmall Group Facilitator
Dr Emma CockcroftAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Helen CoelhoResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Tracey CollettAssociate Lecturer
Dr Rachel CollinsPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Dr Anne CorbettSenior Lecturer in Dementia ResearchSouth Cloisters
Jenna CorcoranAssociate Research FellowMedical School Building
Dr Giles CorySenior Lecturer in Cell BiologyMedical School Building
Dr Mick CraigSenior Research FellowHatherly
Dr Byron CreeseSenior Research FellowRILD Building
Professor Andrew CrosbyProfessor of Human GeneticsRILD Building
Alison CurnowAssociate Professor in Science & ScholarshipKnowledge Spa
Dr Hayes DalalHonorary Clinical Associate Professor
Harry DaltonHonorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Neil DavidsonLecturerKnowledge Spa
Mary DavisRILD Building
Dr Jo DayResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Sarah DeanAssociate Professor in Psychology Applied to Rehabilitation and HealthCollege House
Emma DempsterLecturerRILD Building
Dr Sarah DenfordResearch Fellow: Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC)College House
Professor Michael DepledgeProfessor of Environment and Human Health; and Chair of the Board of the European Centre for Environment and Human HealthCollege House
Dr Jane DergesResearch FellowCollege House
Vikram DevarajClinical lead for Anatomy
Dr Shalinee DhayalResearch FellowJohn Bull Building
Professor Chris DickensProfessor of Psychological Medicine, Institute of Health Service Research, Chair of the Mental Health Research Group. PenCLAHRC Mental Health & Dementia Theme Lead. Member University of Exeter Collaboration for Academic Primary Care (APEx). Honorary Consultant in Psychological Medicine, Devon Partnership NHS Trust.College House
Professor Paul DieppeProfessor of Health and WellbeingSouth Cloisters
Ann DonnellyClinical Skills Tutor (Senior Lecturer E&S)RILD Building
Dr Mike EatonSenior Lecturer (Clinical)South Cloisters
Paul EggletonHon Professor of Immunology & Associate Director of Cell Biology UCB PharmaMedical School Building
Helen EkeAssociate Research Fellow - CATCh-uSSouth Cloisters
Kate EllacottSenior LecturerRILD Building
Professor Sian EllardProfessor of Genomic MedicineRILD Building
Dr Lewis ElliottAssociate Research Fellow in Environment and Human HealthKnowledge Spa
Tobit EmmensHonorary Research Fellow, Mental Health, Health Services ResearchRILD Building
Dr Philip EvansAssociate Professor of General Practice and Primary CareSmeall building
Professor Paul EwingsHonorary Visiting Professor (Director of NIHR Research Design Service South West)RILD Building
Kelly FallisClinical Tutor - Radiography
Daniela FarinaLab ManagerEnvironment and Sustainability Institute
Daniel FergusonAssociate Research Fellow
Jayne FishendenClinical Tutor - Radiography
Dr Sarah FlanaganSir Henry Dale Research FellowRILD Building
Dr Christine FlaxmanResearch TechnicianRILD Building
Professor Lora FlemingDirector of the European Centre; Chair of Oceans, Epidemiology and Human HealthKnowledge Spa
Emily FletcherResearch Fellow
Dr Joseph FordPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Tamsin FordProfessor of Child and Adolescent PsychiatrySouth Cloisters
Dr Ian FramptonSenior LecturerWashington Singer
Joseph FrancisClinical Skills TutorKnowledge Spa
Professor Tim FraylingProfessor of Human GeneticsRILD Building
Dr Rachel FreathySir Henry Dale FellowMedical School Building
Professor Adrian FreemanProfessor of Medical Education (E&S)RILD Building
Dr Julia FrostSenior Lecturer in Health Services ResearchSouth Cloisters
Dr Jonathan FulfordSenior Research Fellow
Dr James FullamPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ian FussellCommunity Sub DeanKnowledge Spa
Dr Clare GallonSenior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (Education & Scholarship)Medical School Building
Dr Jaheeda GangannagaripalliAssociate Research FellowMedical School Building
Dr Jo GarrettPostdoctoral Research Associate in Coastal Environments and Human WellbeingKnowledge Spa
Dr Ruth GarsideSenior Lecturer in Evidence SynthesisKnowledge Spa
Dr William GazeAssociate ProfessorKnowledge Spa
Dr Evdokia GermeniVisiting Postdoctoral Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Christopher GibbsAcute Sub Dean
Dr Russell GibsonAcademic Clinical FellowCollege House
Dr Mark GilchristSenior Lecturer (Clinical) (E&R)
Dr Kim GoodingResearch FellowDiabetes and Vascular Research Centre
Dr Vicki GoodwinSenior Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Angela GrayClinical Tutor - Radiography
Professor Colin GreenProfessor of Health EconomicsSouth Cloisters
Demelza GreenSenior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)South Cloisters
Harry GreenPostdoctoral Research FellowRILD Building
Dr James GrellierResearch FellowKnowledge Spa
Ed GriffinModeller, Associate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Andrew GriffithsHonorary Clinical Senior Lecturer (E&R)
Bogdan GrigorePostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Dr Cornelia GuellLecturer (E&R)Knowledge Spa
Rou-Afza GunputAssociate Research Fellow
Nicholas GutowskiHonorary Associate Professor, University of Exeter Medical School & Consultant Neurologist, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation TrustAmory
Dr Ruth Gwernan-JonesComplex Intervention Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Rebekah HallGraduate Trainee Assistant in Health EconomicsSouth Cloisters
Professor Willie HamiltonProfessor of Primary Care DiagnosticsCollege House
Dr Alexander HamiltonAcademic Clinical FellowRILD Building
Jason HancockAcademic Clinical Fellow in in Old Age Psychiatry
Louise HancockClinical Tutor - Medical Imaging
Dr Lydia HannaResearch Fellow
Dr Eilis HannonResearch FellowRILD Building
Lorraine HansfordAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Tove HanssenHonorary Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Alex HardingSub Dean, Senior LecturerRILD Building
Dr Gaurav HarlalkaAssociate Research FellowRILD Building
Lorna HarriesAssociate Professor in Molecular GeneticsRILD Building
James HarrisonAssociate Research Fellow
Professor Alex HaslamHonorary Professor
Professor Andrew Hattersley FRCP FMedSci FRSGillings Chair of Precision Medicine, Professor of Molecular Medicine & Consultant PhysicianRILD Building
Dr Annie HawtonSenior Research Fellow in Health EconomicsSouth Cloisters
Rachel HayesTrial Manager - STARS StudySouth Cloisters
Emily HaynesPostdoctoral Research Associate
Mark HealeyPharmacy Education Development Lead (E&R)Medical School Building
Dr Graham HeapAcademic Clinical Fellow and Honorary Clinical Research FellowRILD Building
Professor William HenleyProfessor of Medical Statistics
Dr Sahran HigginsAssociate Research Fellow
Dr Susannah Hill
Dr Jacqueline HillPost Doctoral Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Angelique HilliAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Malcolm HiltonAcute Sub Dean
Dr Suzy HopeHonorary Clinical Lecturer
Dr Susan HopkinsLecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Benjamin HousdenResearch Fellow (LSI)Living Systems Institute
Susan HowsonAcademic Clinical FellowCollege House
Professor Martin HoyleAssociate Professor in Health EconomicsSouth Cloisters
Michelle HudsonResearch Project ManagerRILD Building
Harriet HuntResearch Fellow in Evidence Synthesis and Test EvaluationSouth Cloisters
Alison HurstAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Professor Chris HydeProfessor of Public Health and Clinical EpidemiologySouth Cloisters
Dr Astrid JanssensSenior Research Fellow in Child Health, University of Exeter Medical SchoolSouth Cloisters
Dr James JarvieSmall Group Facilitator
Dr Rachel JarvieResearch FellowCollege House
Dr Aaron JeffriesResearch Fellow
Dr Caroline JenkinsonAssociate Research FellowSmeall building
Matthew JohnsonAssociate Research FellowRILD Building
Dr Glenis JohnstonLecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Naomi JohnstonClinical Skills TutorExeter Clinical skills resource centre
Deborah JonesClinical Tutor (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Angus JonesNIHR Clinician Scientist/Honorary Consultant PhysicianRILD Building
Samuel Edward JonesResearch FellowRILD Building
Dr Christopher KelsallResearch Associate
Dr Jonathan KerrLocality Clinical Skills Co-Ordinator
Dr Paul KerrClinical Skills Theme & Assessment LeadClinical Skills Resource Centre
Dr Ayesha KhanPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Uli KlümperResearch FellowEnvironment and Sustainability Institute
Dr Karen KnappAssociate Professor in Musculoskeletal Imaging
Dr Annie KnightAssociate Research FellowMedical School Building
Maarten KoenersResearch FellowHatherly
Dr Katarina KosSenior Lecturer (E&R) (Clinical)RILD Building
Dr Elzbieta KuzmaResearch Fellow in Neuroepidemiology
Joseph Anthony L ReyesResearch Fellow
Angela LaitClinical Skills Tutor (Senior Lecturer E&S)Knowledge Spa
Jeffrey LambertPostdoctoral Research Associate in Primary CareSmeall building
Dr Paolo LandaAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Iain LangSenior Lecturer in Public Health and Associate Dean (International & Development)South Cloisters
Dr Denise LasburySmall Group Facilitator
Dr Eva LatorreAssociate Research FellowRILD Building
Dr Tom LaverResearch FellowRILD Building
Dr David LeederDirector of Clinical Communication Skills
Dr Pia LeeteAssociate Research FellowRILD Building
Dr Anne LeonardResearch FellowKnowledge Spa
Kristin LiaboSenior Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Siying LinClinical Research Fellow (Clinical Primer)RILD Building
Dr David LlewellynSenior Research Fellow
Dr Jenny LloydSenior Research Fellow in Child HealthSouth Cloisters
Professor Stuart LoganCerebra Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology; Director, NIHR CLAHRC South West Peninsula; Director, Institute of Health Research Honorary Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS TrustSouth Cloisters
Matthew LomasGraduate Research AssistantCollege House
Dr Linda LongResearch Fellow in HTASouth Cloisters
Bryony LongdonGraduate Research AssistantSouth Cloisters
Dr Ilianna LouridaAssociate Research FellowCollege House
Dr Rebecca LovellResearch FellowKnowledge Spa
Dr Katie LunnonAssociate Professor in EpigeneticsRILD Building
Dr David MacDonaldSenior Lecturer (E&S)Medical School Building
Yasaman MalekizadehPostdoctoral Research Associate
Cansu MamurekliAcademic Clinical FellowCollege House
Dr Sean ManziPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Alison MarchbankSenior Lecturer (E&S) Academy of NursingSouth Cloisters
Professor Robert MarshallSenior clinical lecturer and associate professor
Dr Tanimola MartinsResearch FellowCollege House
Dr Jane MasoliClinical Doctoral Fellow and Specialist Registrar in Geriatric MedicineRILD Building
Justin MatthewsResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Professor Karen MattickProfessor of Medical EducationMedical School Building
Sue McAnullaSenior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Professor Rose McCabeProfessor of Clinical CommunicationCollege House
Lauren McCluskeyAcademic Clinical Fellow
Dr Laura McCullochAssociate Research Fellow
Dr Timothy McDonaldConsultant Clinical Scientist/ Honorary Clinical Associate Professor
Professor Jean McEwanProfessor of Clinical Education, Vice Dean (Education)Medical School Building
Camilla McHughAssociate Research Fellow and All Saints Education Trust FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Antonieta Medina-LaraSenior Lecturer in Health Economics (E&R)South Cloisters
Robert MeertensLecturer (Medical Imaging) and PhD studentSouth Cloisters
Hannah MegawLecturer (E&S)
Professor David MelzerProfessor of Epidemiology and Public HealthRILD Building
Mandie MesserClinical Skills Tutor
Brad MetcalfSenior LecturerRichards Building
Professor Jonathan MillProfessor of EpigeneticsRILD Building
Julie MillsSenior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Oana MitrofanAcademic Clinical Lecturer
Dr Darren MooreLecturerNorth Cloisters
Dr Sarah MooreAcademic Clinical FellowCollege House
Professor Noel MorganVice-Dean: Research (Interim), Professor of Endocrine Pharmacology; Director - Institute of Biomedical & Clinical ScienceRILD Building
Dr Sarah Morgan-TrimmerResearch FellowCollege House
Chris MorrisSenior Research Fellow in Child HealthSouth Cloisters
Hannah MorrisAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Karyn MorrisseySenior LecturerKnowledge Spa
Dr Luke MounceResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Victoria MoyeSenior Lecturer (E&S) in Biomedical SciencesMedical School Building
Dr Mariusz MuchaResearch FellowHatherly
Dr Ruben Mujica MotaSenior Lecturer in Health Economics
Dr Therese MurphyLecturer (Education and Research)RILD Building
Dr Anna MurrayAssociate Professor in Human GeneticsMedical School Building
Dr Carolyn MurraySmall Group Facilitator
Raymond MurunguTutorCollege House
Anthea Nakorn
Dr Vrinda NayakLecturer (E&S)Medical School Building
Sharon NelisSenior Research Fellow/Project ManagerWashington Singer
Dr Tamsin Newlove-DelgadoAcademic Clinical Lecturer in Public HealthSouth Cloisters
Professor Anthony NichollsConsultant in Acute Medicine, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. Honorary Professor of Medicine, Peninsula College of Medicine & DentistryAmory
Dr Shelley NormanAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Karl NottageClinal Tutor (E&S), Medical Imaging (Radiography)Medical School Building
Dr Michael NunnsResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Russell O'BrienDirector (BMBS Programme), University of Exeter Medical School: Consultant in Acute Medicine, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust: Associate Director of Clinical Studies & Academic Lead for Clinical Pharmacology, Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry
Dr Siobhan O'DwyerSenior Lecturer (Ageing & Family Care)South Cloisters
Neel OceanPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Dr Asami Oguro-AndoLecturerRILD Building
Dr Victoria OlobiaLead for Problem Based Learning (Clinical)
Dr Sebastian OlteanSenior Lecturer in Experimental Medicine and TherapeuticsMedical School Building
Dr Richard OramHarry Keen Fellow and Clinical Senior LecturerNIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility
Dr Noreen OrrResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Alice OsborneLead for Progress Support, Lead for Professional Development Groups, Theme Lead for Doctors as Teachers SSU (Exeter).Medical School Building
Professor Christabel OwensAssociate Professor of Public Mental HealthCollege House
Dr Rachel PalfreySenior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)South Cloisters
Dr Bharat PankhaniaSenior Clinical Lecturer (E&S)Medical School Building
Marian ParkinsonExeter IBD and Pharmacogenetics Co-ordinatorRILD Building
Dr Kashyap PatelAcademic Clinical LecturerRILD Building
Daniela PatinhaPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Andrew PatonSmall Group Facilitator
Professor Robert PawlakChair in Functional Cell BiologyHatherly
Kerry PearnAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Katie PearsonAcademic Clinical Fellow
Dr Benjamin PearsonLecturer (E&S)
Dr Claire PentecostResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
John PerryResearch Fellow
Dr Jaime PetersSenior Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Ellie PickeringEducation & Student ExperienceRILD Building
Laura PickupResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Alexandra PictsClinical Skills TutorExeter Clinical skills resource centre
Dr Luke C. PillingResearch Fellow in Genomic EpidemiologyRILD Building
Emma PitchforthSenior Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow in Primary CareSmeall building
Dr Martin PittAssociate Professor of Healthcare Modelling and SimulationSouth Cloisters
Adam PollardResearch Fellow
Dr Samuel PollardLecturer in Medical ScienceMedical School Building
Dr Leon PoltawskiResearch FellowSmeall building
Dr Ian PorterAssociate Research FellowSmeall building
Dr Lisa PriceLecturerRichards Building
Anna PriceAssociate Research Fellow CATCh-uS StudySouth Cloisters
Sarah PriceResearch FellowCollege House
Dr Giordano PulaSenior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Bio-medicine (E&R)Medical School Building
Daniel RaceyAcademic Clinical Fellow
Dr Emmylou RahtzAssociate Research Fellow
Dr Yaman Rai AlbalhaClinical Fellow (E&S)
Professor Andrew RandallProfessor in Applied NeurophysiologyHatherly
Dr Shelley RhodesExeCTU Senior Trial ManagerSmeall building
Professor David RichardsProfessor of Mental Health Services ResearchSouth Cloisters
Dr Sarah RichardsonSenior LecturerRILD Building
Dr Wendy RickardResearch Fellow
Peter RiouLocality Clinical Skills Co-ordinator
Dr Fred RobertsSenior Lecturer in Medical Education (Physiology)Medical School Building
Dr Justine RobertsonSmall Group Facilitator
Dr Lauren RodgersResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Liliana RodriguesLecturer (E&S)South Cloisters
Lindsay RonanAcademic Clinical Fellow
Charlene RonquilloPostdoctoral Research AssociateSouth Cloisters
Sarah RossAssociate
Sebastian RotherayAcademic Clinical Fellow
Dr Ginny RussellSenior Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Mark RussellResearch FellowRILD Building
Dr Abigail RussellPostdoctoral Research Associate (Child Mental Health Group)South Cloisters
Dr Katherine RuthResearch Fellow, Genetics of Complex TraitsRILD Building
Susi SadlerResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Andrew SalmonAssociate Research Fellow in Decision Analytical Modelling
Dr Victoria SalmonResearch FellowCollege House
Dr Anna SansomResearch FellowSmeall building
Dr Nicki SaulsburyCollege Academic Director of International Education, BMBS Lead for Preparation for Practice, Consultant In HIV/Sexual HealthKnowledge Spa
Dr Sharon SavageLecturer in Ageing & DementiaWashington Singer
Abi ScottResearch Co-ordinatorKnowledge Spa
Dr Chris ScottonSenior Lecturer (E&R)Medical School Building
Dr Catherine SellingsClinical Skills Tutor
Dr Mark SelmanSmall Group Facilitator/Remediation
Emma SeymourKnowledge Exchange OfficerMedical School Building
Dr Rohit ShankarSenior Lecturer (Clinical)
Dr Liz ShawAssociate Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Charles Shaw-SmithConsultant in Clinical Genetics and Honorary Clinical FellowMedical School Building
Dr Elizabeth ShephardResearch FellowCollege House
Jenny ShepherdSenior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship), Clinical Placement CoordinatorSouth Cloisters
Professor Maggie ShepherdHonorary Clinical ProfessorMedical School Building
Dr Beverley ShieldsSenior Lecturer in Medical StatisticsRILD Building
Professor Angela ShoreVice Dean (Research)Diabetes and Vascular Research Centre
Pawel SierocinskiAssociate Research Fellow
Dr Laura SimsSenior Lecturer (Clinical) (E&S)Smeall building
Dr Anna SkrzypiecResearch Fellow
Dr Miranda SmallwoodResearch Fellow
Neil SmartHonorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Jane SmithSenior Lecturer in Primary CareSmeall building
Dr Rebecca G. SmithResearch FellowRILD Building
Dr Tristan SnowsillResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Professor Anne SpencerAssociate Professor
Dr Sal StapleyResearch FellowCollege House
Anna SteeleSenior Research NurseNIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility
Professor Ken SteinProfessor (E&R) (Clinical)
Dr David StrainSenior Clinical Lecturer (E&R) (HEFCE-NHS CSLA)
Dr Joel TabakSenior Lecturer (E&R)Hatherly
Joanna TarrLecturer (E&S)
Dr Mark TarrantSenior Lecturer in Psychology Applied to HealthCollege House
Mitra TavakoliSenior Lecturer in Medicine (E&R)South Cloisters
Dr Emma TaylorSenior Lecturer (E&S)Medical School Building
Dr Tim TaylorSenior Lecturer in Environmental and Public Health Economics (E&R)Knowledge Spa
Professor Rod TaylorProfessor (E&R)South Cloisters
Dr Julia TealeResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Rohini TerryResearch AssociateCollege House
Julie ThackerAcute Sub DeanKnowledge Spa
Dr Felicity ThomasSenior Research FellowSouth Cloisters
Mary ThompsonAcademic Clinical Fellow
Dr Jo Thompson CoonAssociate Professor in Evidence SynthesisSouth Cloisters
Dr Clare ThornResearch FellowRILD Building
Dr Irina A. TikhonovaResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Krisztina TimkoResearch Fellow
Dr Raluca TopciuPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Leanne TrickAssociate Research FellowCollege House
Dr Biljana TuckerLocum Consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Marcus TukeAssociate Research Fellow
Dr Jessica TyrrellResearch Fellow
Dr Obioha Chukwunyere UkoumunneAssociate Professor in Medical StatisticsSouth Cloisters
Dr Martin UlmschneiderAssociate Professor (E&R)
Professor Jose ValderasProfessor of Health Services and Policy ResearchSmeall building
Alje Van HoornAcademic Clinical Fellow
Dr Dina VaraPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Jo Varley-CampbellResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Joana VianaAssociate Research FellowRILD Building
Julia Vlachaki-WalkerResearch Technican
Dr Michiel VosLecturer (E&R)
Matthew WakelingResearch FellowRILD Building
Dr Annie WalkerSmall Group Facilitator
Dr Sarah WalkerResearch FellowSmeall building
Dr Krystal WarmothResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Dr Fiona WarrenLecturer in Medical Statistics
Alicia WatersAssociate Research FellowCollege House
Professor Graham WatkinsonAssociate Professor of Public Health (E&S)Medical School Building
Dr Michael WeedonAssociate Professor
Joanne WelsmanAssociate Research Fellow
Dr Hannah WeltersLecturerMedical School Building
Professor Keith Andrew WesnesProfessor of Cognitive NeuroscienceSouth Cloisters
Gillian WhaitesClinical Tutor - Radiography
Dr Jacqueline WhatmoreSenior Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology and Clinical Microvascular Research
Rebecca WhearResearch Fellow Evidence Synthesis Health Services ResearchSouth Cloisters
Dr Benedict WheelerSenior Research FellowKnowledge Spa
Dr Mathew WhiteLecturer (E&R)Knowledge Spa
Professor Matt WhitemanProfessor (E&R)Medical School Building
Dr David WhitfieldPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Barbara Wider VellingaResearch FellowSouth Cloisters
Kath WilkinsonAssociate Research Fellow (GRA)
Dr Andrew James WilliamsLecturerKnowledge Spa
Dr Jennifer WilliamsClinical Research Fellow
Dr Crawford WinloveLecturer in Neuroscience
Professor Paul WinyardProfessor (E&R)Medical School Building
Dr Andrew WoodResearch Fellow in Statistical GeneticsMedical School Building
Dr Christopher WrightSenior Lecturer (E&R)South Cloisters
Dr Caroline WrightSenior Lecturer (E&R)RILD Building
Professor Katrina WyattProfessor of Relational HealthSouth Cloisters
Dr Huiqin YangSenior Research Fellow in Health Technology AssessmentSouth Cloisters
Professor Reza ZamaniAssociate Professor of Medical EducationMedical School Building
Dr Jinwei ZhangLecturer (Education and Research)Hatherly
Dr Lihong ZhangResearch Fellow
Dr Zhivko ZhelevResearch Fellow
Dr Jan Zirk-SadowskiResearch FellowRILD Building