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Ms Catherine Angwin

MRC-ABPI Diabetes Stratification Project Manager

01392 408185

RILD Building 

I currently work with Professor Andrew Hattersley on the TriMaster clinical trial, a randomised double-blind three-way crossover trial of third-line diabetes therapies. This multicentre CTIMP is one strand of the MRC-funded MASTERMIND project led by University of Exeter, looking at stratification in Type 2 diabetes.  In addition, I manage the overall MASTERMIND project, providing support for the Strand 2 work in statistical analysis and health economic outcomes.

I joined the University of Exeter in 2010 as part of Professor Hattersley's diabetes research team and have worked in clinical trial, research and project management roles. 

Based in the NIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility and Exeter Clinical Trials Unit, I've worked on clinical research projects in diabetes, including genetics of diabetes and stratification of Type 2. Previous studies include managing the MASTERMIND and RetroMASTER clinical studies, work with the Stroke Research Network as the coordinating centre for English-sites in the INTERSTROKE study and coordinating the EU FP7 CEED3 research project.


MSc International Development 


Research interests

I work in the research area of stratification of Type 2 diabetes.


Research projects

  • MRC-ABPI Stratification and Extreme Response Mechanism IN Diabetes (MASTERMIND), including MASTERMIND and RetroMASTER clinical studies
  • Diabetes Research on Patient Stratification (DIRECT)
  • INTERSTROKE study - A study of the Importance of Conventional and Emerging Risk Factors of Stroke
  • Collaborative European Effort to Develop Diabetes Diagnostics (CEED3)

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