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Dr Miranda Smallwood

Dr Miranda Smallwood

Research Fellow



Dr Smallwood has recently completed her Daphne Jackson Fellowship, which ran part-time for 2 years. She is currently applying for additional research funding.

Broad research specialisms

Inflammation & immunology in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.


  • BSc Biochemistry/Physiology
  • MSc Pharmacology
  • PhD Biochemistry/Pharmacology


Research interests

  • Apoptosis and clearance of dead cells from the body before the development of autoimmunity
  • Plasma nitrate levels in health and disease
  • Murine nitrate levels

Research projects

  • Binding of C1q to apoptotic cells and its dependence on oxidation
  • Improving dead cell removal in lupus patients
  • Removal of dead cells by macrophage phagocytosis – effects of microvesicles and hydrogen sulfide donating compounds
  • Measurement of plasma nitrate levels in patients admitted to hospital
  • Murine nitrite/nitrate levels in plasma and salivary glands
  • Effects of neuropeptides on synoviocytes in normoxic/hypoxic conditions


  • Daphne Jackson Trust
  • Medical Research Council
  • Devon Northcott Medical Foundation

  • Year 4 Medical students SSU Research in Action projects
  • Supervising BClinSci Expanding Horizons project
  • Prospective PTY supervisor

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