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University of Exeter Medical School,
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Health Economics group - about us

The Health Economics Group is based in the Institute of Health Research. The Group, led by Professor Anne Spencer, conducts high quality policy-relevant research and provides high quality education in order to advance the use of health economics to improve population health. Our aim is to contribute to health and healthcare in the UK and internationally, by conducting research on economic aspects of health and disease, and research focused on informing decisions around the delivery of health care and the design and evaluation of health interventions and systems, as well as research on the factors that determine our health and wellbeing.

Research themes for Health Economics

  • Application of economic principles to health and health care;
  • Economic evaluation of health technologies (design, conduct and analysis of applied economic evaluations), and methodology for the conduct of economic evaluation;
  • Evidence syntheses, using review methods and economic modelling;
  • Measurement and valuation of health outcomes;
  • Economics of population health (e.g. obesity, development & ageing, mental health, determinants of health & wellbeing);
  • Equity in health and health care;
  • Research on 'risk' and 'ambiguity' in health and health care.

Current work covers a wide range of applied and methodological projects, across many disease areas. We have a wide range of collaborations across Exeter, the South-West and beyond, including the Economics Dept, Psychology, Sports & Health Sciences, Primary Care, Child Health. See listing of current projects for more information.

We have a strong programme of research in the area of health outcomes, health valuation/preference elicitation, and a broad programme of work in neurodegenerative diseases (multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons’s disease), involving applied methodological research and economic evaluation. The Health Economics Group works closely with the Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit (PenCTU), and has close links with applied methodologists (e.g. statistics, qualitative research, operational research/modelling).

The Health Economics Group supports the educational curriculum and has also delivered a number of workshops, with future short courses in development.

Newsletters of the Exeter Health Economics Group provide an update on recent events within the group.

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