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University of Exeter Medical School

Honorary Professor Colin Green

Honorary Professor Colin Green

Honorary Professor of Health Economics

 South Cloisters 


South Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


From 1st November 2020 Colin Green becomes Honorary Professor of Health Economics, leaving his full time academic position with University of Exeter.

Colin Green was with University of Exeter 2006-2020, and was Professor of Health Economics (2010-2020) based in the University of Exeter Medical School, University of Exeter, UK. 

Research interests and activities involve the use of economics and health economics principles to improve decision making in the heath setting, and across related areas. Research to date covers applied and methodological research, across a wide range of settings and health contexts.  

Research includes the economic evaluation of health technologies, modeling of cost-effectiveness analyses, assessment and valuation of health outcomes, and research in the area of social values/priority-setting. Particular interest areas are multiple sclerosis, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and neurodegenerative conditions more broadly.

Prior roles and research have supported the UK NICE health technology appraisal process (e.g. assessment of drugs for renal cancer, drugs for Alzheimer’s disease), and work to date has involved supporting a number of research funding committees, for the NIHR and for Charities. Colin served on the editorial board for Applied Health Economics & Health Policy, and as an Academic Editor for PLOS ONE, and has supported regional NHS Partners.


  • BA (Hons) Economics
  • MSc Health Economics
  • PhD Health Economics

Research group links

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Research interests

Research is being undertaken across a wide range of projects / areas, as listed below, mostly funded by NIHR or other public sector/charitable sources:

I am always interested in hearing from those interested in starting a PhD (intersted in supervision) in research areas of interest.

Research projects


  • Modelling disease progression / CEA in Alzheimer's disease and dementia
  • Health outcomes (QALYS) for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Health state valuation
  • Cost effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions (NIHR funded RCT and CEA)
  • Cardiac rehabilitation NIHR Programme Grant (NIHR): Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure (REACH HF)
  • Childhood Obesity (Consequences & Causes)
  • Cost effectiveness of healthly lifestyle intervention in the elderly (NIHR funded RCT and CEA; REACT Project)
  • Cost effectiveness of interventions to support people with MS (NHR funded pilot research; BRiMS)

PREVIOUS (selected)

  • HeLP Trial, linked to childhood obesity
  • ESTEEM Trial - The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of telephone triage of patients requesting same day consultations in general practice: a cluster randomised controlled trial comparing nurse-led and GP-led management systems. Funded by NIHR Clinical Trials, circa. £2.2 million. [Collaboration with Primary Care Research Group, and others]
  • Clinical trial methods [including economic evaluation/modelling] in neurodegenerative diseases. NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Health Research, funding circa. £2million. This project includes a strong component of methodological research on modelling methods for cost-effectiveness analyses of treatments for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. [Collaboration with PCMD Clinical Neurology Research Group, and others]
  • CADET Trial - Multicentre Randomised Controlled Trial of Collaborative Care for Depression. Funded by MRC, circa. £1.7million. [Collaboration with Psychology Dept, Mood Disorders Group, University of Exeter]
  • QALYS and Multiple Sclerosis: Developing a preference-based measure of health-related quality-of-life for MS. Funded by the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society.
  • BacPac Trial - Integrating Behavioural Activation and Physical Activity promotion (BAcPAc): A pilot randomised controlled trial with depressed patients - a collaboration with Psychology and Sports Science.
  • CHUMS - What outcomes of NHS care should be measured for children with neurodisability?
  • EARS - An exploratory trial to evaluate the effects of a physical activity intervention as a smoking cessation induction and cessation aid among the 'hard to reach'. Funded by NIHR HTA Programme, circa. £435,000. [Collaboration with School of Sports & Health Sciences, University of Exeter, and others]
  • CUPID Trial (Multiple Sclerosis) - Cannabinoid Use in Progressive Inflammatory brain Disease (CUPID). Funded by MRC circa. £2million. [Collaboration with PCMD Clinical Neurology Research Group, and others]
  • South West Impact of Multiple Sclerosis (SWIMS) Project - a longitudinal study of MS from the patient perspective. Funded by the MS Society (and others). [Collaboration with PCMD Clinical Neurology Research Group, and others]
  • 'Waste the Waist' - Pilot study for a randomised controlled trial of a primary care based intervention to support lifestyle change for people with high cardiovascular risk. Funded by NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme. [Collaboration with Primary Care Research Group, and others]
  • Multi-centre RCT of group-based cognitive behavioural therapy for people with multiple sclerosis. Funded by the Multiple Sclerosis Society, circa. £265,000. [Collaboration with University of Bournemouth, and others]


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External Engagement and Impact

Committee/panel activities

NIHR South-West Research for Patient Benefits (2007-2012)

NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research (2008-2012)

Member of the Peninsula Health Technology Commissioning Group (PHTCG), supporting local CCGs. (2009-2013)

Editorial responsibilities

Academic Editor: PLoS ONE

Editorial Board Member: Applied Health Economics and Health Policy

Research networks

Member of the International Pharmacoeconomic Collaboration (Conference) on Alzheimer's Disease (IPECAD)

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Health Economics input to:

  • BMBS
  • BScMedSci
  • MSc Environment and Human Health
  • MSc Applied Health Service Research

Supervision of PhD Students

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Supervision / Group

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Liz Goodwin
  • Annemarie Hawton
  • Antonieta Medina-Lara (Associate Professor)
  • Tristan Snowsill
  • Anne Spencer (Associate Professor)

Postgraduate researchers

  • Antoinette Davey Title: Chronobiology of Pateint Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS)

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