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The department of Public Health and Sports Sciences' research 

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We work across the following research groups:

We work broadly across the following research groups:

Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC)
The Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre initiates research in paediatric exercise science to enhance our understanding of exercise, physical activity and sport that determines health and well-being.

Children and Young People's Mental Health (ChYMe) research collaboration
ChYMe's research explores the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, with the aim of developing evidence based policy and practice, to improve the lives of children/young people and the communities around them

European Centre for Environment and Human Health
The Centre conducts world-class research into the complex links between the environment and human health. 

Health Across the Lifespan (HAL)
Our interdisciplinary research seeks to enhance our understanding of the relationship between physical activity and health across the lifespan, with an additional focus on optimising exercise, physical activity, and sport across a range of different paediatric groups.

Human movement science
The human movement science group seeks to extend knowledge about the factors influencing the control, organisation and learning of human movement.

Integrative physiology
The integrative physiology group seeks to improve understanding of basic physiology and metabolism that underpins human performance in health and disease. We are interested in optimising sports performance in elite and recreational athletes, through use of novel testing protocols and design of training and nutritional programmes.