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Public Health and Sport Sciences

INTERSECT: Interdisciplinary Translational Rehabilitation Research Centre

University of Exeter, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and a range of partners in the South West peninsula have a vibrant history in rehabilitation, aging, orthopaedics, sport science and human performance research. INTERSECT brings together strengths from across these disciplines, organisations and the cutting-edge facilities that Exeter has invested in to research human movement.

Movement of the body, a function that is determined both by the mind/brain and system of joints, muscles, tendons and other structures of the body and is determined by the nature of environment and context. The Centre and its network hosts a unique research intensive interdisciplinary environment with insights from clinical academics with broad experience in diseases of aging and across the life-course including neurologic and musculoskeletal diseases, and researchers from mathematics, engineering, biomechanics, psychology, physiology, movement science, assessment of environments, materials, human environment interactions and product design.

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