Test Club meetings

Next session: Tuesday, 3rd March, 16.00 - 17.00, in South Cloisters 1.22.

Dr Bogdan Grigore will be talking about the development, validation and effectiveness of diagnostic prediction tools for colorectal cancer in primary care, based on the findings from a recently conducted systematic review. Here is a brief outline of the talk:

Tools based on diagnostic prediction models are available to help general practitioners (GP) diagnose colorectal cancer. It is unclear how well they perform and whether they lead to increased or quicker diagnoses and ultimately impact on patient quality of life and/or survival. We wanted to evaluate the development, validation, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness, of cancer diagnostic tools for colorectal cancer in primary care. We found that many prediction models have been developed but none have been fully validated. Evidence demonstrating improved patient outcome by introducing the tools is the main deficiency and is essential given the imperfect classification achieved by all tools. This need is emphasised by the equivocal results of the small number of impact studies done so far.

Future sessions

Test Club sessions are provisionally scheduled on the following dates: 7th April, 5th May, 9th June, 14th July, ALWAYS ON TUESDAY, 16.00 - 17.00, in South Cloisters 1.22! Futher details will be published here and emailed to those on our notification list. If you would like to receive alerts about future sessions and similar events, please email Zhivko Zhelev.

About the Test Club

Test Club meetings aim to bring together clinicians, researchers and students interested in medical tests and diagnostics, to share and discuss experience, interests and challenges in this area.

The most recent meetings included:

  • Ethnic inequalities in diagnosis and outcomes of symptomatic cancer patients presented by Dr Tanimola Martins from the UoE DISCO group
  • Discussion of the recently published paper "An analysis reveals differences between pragmatic and explanatory diagnostic accuracy studies" by PM Bossuyt, M Olsena, C Hyde and JF Cohen
  • Competing risks models in screening for pre-eclampsia presented by Prof Dave Wright

You can find out more about past sessions and access slides/video, if available, in our archive!

If you'd like to present on a topic or discuss your work at a future Test Club, please contact us by email.