GMC Patient and Colleague Questionnaire study


This study represents an extended pilot of the General Medical Council's proposed survey instruments for patient and colleague appraisal of a doctor's professional practice. The work is being undertaken in the context of developing thinking around processes suitable for supporting revalidation and licensing to practise. Whilst under consideration by the Chief Medical Officer, these processes have been the subject of GMC review.

The work involves three phases:

Phase 1 is the undertaking of a pilot study of colleague and patient questionnaires in the assessment of 40 volunteer doctors in professional practice.

Phase 2 involves the participation of an additional 360 doctors, building on the lessons learned in Phase 1, and being undertaken with a view to defining thresholds of satisfactory and unsatisfactory performance, as well as outlining suitable operational rules for the use of these questionnaires.

Phase 3 involves a series of six nested studies addressing specific operational issues around the quality and process of data collection relevant to the use of patient and colleague questionnaires.

The work was commenced in October 2005 and is scheduled to finally report in December 2006.

The work is being undertaken as a collaboration between Client Focused Evaluation Program (UK) (Dr Michael Greco) and a team from Peninsula Medical School Primary Care Research Group (led by Professor John Campbell).


Campbell JL, Richards SH, Dickens A, Greco M, Narayanan A, Brearley S. Assessing the professional performance of UK doctors: an evaluation of the utility of the General Medical Council patient and colleague questionnaires. Qual Saf Health Care 2008; 17:187-193


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