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Exeter Test Group

Exeter South Cloisters

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About us

Tests have an increasingly important role in health. The Exeter Test Group is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for test evaluation. Led by Professor Chris Hyde, we have expertise in using research on tests to inform policy and methods of improving the understanding of research on tests. We have particular skills in systematic review, meta-analysis, economic modelling and health technology assessment.

Medical tests have an ever greater impact on health care. They can be anything which provides information which helps diagnose disease, screens for early disease, monitors response to treatment or provides an indication of the outlook for a patient (their prognosis). Good tests are essential for successful stratified medicine approaches, and are critical to delivering the promises of precision medicine. Tests can take a wide variety of forms, but the most common are blood tests, X-rays, scans or questionnaires.

Based in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and the University of Exeter Medical School, The Exeter Test Group is an established centre of excellence in test evaluation working collaboratively with many other groups particularly PenTAG, ESMI, PenARC, Health Economics, Health Statistics, Cancer diagnosis (DISCO) and Molecular Genetics. We are a diverse and multi-skilled group of researchers united by our interest in solving the challenges of how to identify which tests make the greatest contribution to health, and which represent the best value for money as many tests are increasingly expensive and consume valuable time to conduct and incorporate into practice.

With backgrounds in psychological assessment, public health, clinical epidemiology, systematic review, realist evaluation, health care modelling and the use of expert elicitation for decision-analytic models, we draw on a wide range of expertise and experience in order to evaluate medical tests for real world applications. As well as evaluation, we have interests in helping improve the interpretation of research on tests by doctors, nurses, professions allied to medicine and patients themselves.

We are closely involved in national policy making on new tests, working closely with the National Screening Committee and NICE. We are headed by Professor Chris Hyde, an expert in health technology assessment of tests.

The aims of this theme are to improve the health of people in the South West and beyond by:

  • producing generalisable research evidence about diagnostic strategies
  • developing and spreading evidence-based diagnostic pathways in the South West Peninsula, and
  • increasing the South West Peninsula’s capacity to deliver world-class research in diagnostics.

These aims recognise that knowledge about individual tests is maximised only when it is translated into evidence about diagnostic strategies that are, in turn, integrated with evidence about patient management in diagnostic pathways. Linkage of evidence is thus important.

Name Position
Chris Hyde Professor of Public Health and Clinical Epidemiology
Jaime Peters Senior Research Fellow
Zhivko Zhelev Research Fellow
Bogdan Grigore Associate Research Fellow

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Key publications


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2014 and prior


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