NameJob Title
Rebecca Abbott Senior Research Fellow (PenCLAHRC)
Michael Allen Senior Modeller (PenCHORD)
Rob Anderson Professor of Health Services and Implementation Research (Director of ESMI and and Co-lead of the HS&DR Evidence Synthesis Centre)
Max Barnish Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Alison Bethel Information Specialist (PenCLAHRC)
Amanda Brand Postdoctoral Research Associate in Health Technology
Simon Briscoe Information Specialist
Daniele Carrieri Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Evidence Synthesis (Better outcomes older people - BEETLE)
Daniel Chalk Research Fellow in Applied Operational Research (PenCHORD)
Helen Coelho Research Fellow in in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Louise Crathorne Project Operations Manager (PenTAG)
Siân de Bell Postdoctoral Research Associate (HS&DR Evidence Synthesis Centre)
Caroline Farmer Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sam Febrey Graduate Research Assistant (Better outcomes older people - BEETLE)
Felix Gradinger Honorary Research Fellow
Bogdan Grigore Postdoctoral Research Associate
Harriet Hunt Research Fellow in Evidence Synthesis
Fraizer Kiff Graduate Research Assistant in HTA
Debbie Kinsey Postdoctoral Research Associate in Evidence Synthesis (Better outcomes older people - BEETLE)
Linda Long Research Fellow in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Jenny Lowe Administrator/Information Officer
Sean Manzi Research Fellow (PenCHORD)
Justin Matthews Research Fellow
G.J. Melendez-Torres Professor of Clinical and Social Epidemiology (Director of PenTAG)
Madhusubramanian Muthukumar Research Fellow in Modelling for Health Economics and Public Health
Elham Nikram Postdoctoral Research Associate
Michael Nunns Research Fellow (Exeter PRP Evidence Review Facility)
Noreen Orr Research Fellow (PenCLAHRC)
Brian O’Toole Research Fellow
David Packman Research Assistant in Health Economic Modelling
Kerry Pearn Associate Research Fellow (PenCHORD)
Jaime Peters Senior Research Fellow in Health Economic Modelling
Martin Pitt Associate Professor of Healthcare Modelling and Simulation (Director of PenCHORD)
Anna Price Research Fellow (HS&DR Evidence Synthesis Centre)
Sophie Robinson Information Specialist
Morwenna Rogers Information Specialist (PenCLAHRC)
Andrew Salmon Associate Research Fellow (PenCHORD)
Liz Shaw Postgraduate Research Associate (Exeter PRP Evidence Review Facility)
Naomi Shaw Information Specialist
Ken Stein Professor of Public Health (Deputy Director of PenCLAHRC)
Joanna Thompson-Coon Professor in Evidence Synthesis (PenCLAHRC) (Deputy Director of ESMI)
Laura Trigg Graduate Research Assistant
Rebecca Whear Research Fellow (PenCLAHRC)
Sue Whiffin Programme Administrator & PA to Director
Zhivko Zhelev Research Fellow in Qualitative Research