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University of Exeter Medical School

Dr. Alan Lovell

Dr. Alan Lovell

Research Fellow / Information Specialist

 South Cloisters 


South Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Alan joined PenTAG in the dying days of 2022 as a research fellow and information specialist, designing and running systematic literature searches for technology appraisals and other research programmes.

He previously completed a PhD at the University of Warwick, before heading off to do a postdoc based in St Justine Hospital at Université de Montréal. After a brief stint as a medical writer at Signature Genetics in Montreal, Alan returned to the UK where he worked for a small company called Bazian, the rather larger Economist Intelligence Unit, and finally as a senior manager at Economist Impact. Tucked in between these roles, here and there, Alan completed the occasional Master’s degree.


  • 2005, MA in Information Studies, Brighton University
  • 2000, PhD (thesis title: Population structure of three commercially important species in the Gulf of Guinea), University of Warwick
  • 1996, MRes in Analytical Biology, University of Warwick
  • 1993, MSc in Early Hominid Studies, University of Liverpool
  • 1992 BSc in Biology, Royal Holloway & Bedford New College, University of London

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Journal articles

Karnad A, Pannelay A, Boshnakova A, Lovell AD, Cook RG (2018). Stroke prevention in Europe: how are 11 European countries progressing toward the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) recommendations?. Risk Manag Healthc Policy, 11, 117-125. Abstract.  Author URL.
Hiesmayr M, Schindler K, Pernicka E, Schuh C, Schoeniger-Hekele A, Bauer P, Laviano A, Lovell AD, Mouhieddine M, Schuetz T, et al (2009). Decreased food intake is a risk factor for mortality in hospitalised patients: the NutritionDay survey 2006. Clin Nutr, 28(5), 484-491. Abstract.  Author URL.
Brookman A, Lovell A, Henwood F, Lehmann J (2006). What do clinicians want from us? an evaluation of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust clinical librarian service and its implications for developing future working patterns. Health Info Libr J, 23 Suppl 1, 10-21. Abstract.  Author URL.
Yotova V, Labuda D, Zietkiewicz E, Gehl D, Lovell A, Lefebvre J-F, Bourgeois S, Lemieux-Blanchard E, Labuda M, Vézina H, et al (2005). Anatomy of a founder effect: myotonic dystrophy in Northeastern Quebec. Hum Genet, 117(2-3), 177-187. Abstract.  Author URL.
Lovell A, Moreau C, Yotova V, Xiao F, Bourgeois S, Gehl D, Bertranpetit J, Schurr E, Labuda D (2005). Ethiopia: between Sub-Saharan Africa and western Eurasia. Ann Hum Genet, 69(Pt 3), 275-287. Abstract.  Author URL.
Xiao F-X, Yotova V, Zietkiewicz E, Lovell A, Gehl D, Bourgeois S, Moreau C, Spanaki C, Plaitakis A, Moisan J-P, et al (2004). Human X-chromosomal lineages in Europe reveal Middle Eastern and Asiatic contacts. Eur J Hum Genet, 12(4), 301-311. Abstract.  Author URL.
Lovell AD, Yotova V, Xiao F, Batzer MA, Labuda D (2004). Polymorphisms within a polymorphism: SNPs in and around a polymorphic Alu insertion in intron 44 of the human dystrophin gene. J Hum Genet, 49(5), 269-272. Abstract.  Author URL.


Lovell A, McGlade JM (2002). Population structure of two commercially important marine species in and around the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa. In McGlade JM, Cury P, Koranteng KA, Hardman-Mountford NJ (Eds.) The Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem: Environmental Forcing and Sustainable Development of Marine Resources, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 207-223.


Bussell ME, Lovell AD (2019). Lung cancer in Europe: Strengthening policy responses to address unmet needs.  Author URL.
Lovell AD, Zietkiewicz E, Yotova V, Batzer M, Labuda D (2001). A nuclear marker for the southern route out of Africa.  Author URL.


Lovell A, Robinson S, O'Toole B, Abdelsabour A, Melendez-Torres G, Wilson E (2023). Artificial intelligence auto-contouring to aid radiotherapy treatment planning [GID-HTE10015]. External Assessment Group report. London, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). 118 pages.
Van Brabandt H, San Miguel L, Fairon N, Vaes B, Henrard S, Boshnakova A, Cook R, Davies R, Karnad A, Lovell A, et al (2016). Anticoagulants in non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Brussels, Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE).

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