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University of Exeter Medical School

 Sian De Bell

Sian De Bell

Research Fellow

 South Cloisters 


South Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Sian is a Research Fellow in the Exeter HSDR Evidence Synthesis Centre, where she conducts syntheses of evidence about the organisation and delivery of health and social care in the UK. 


  • 2018 PhD Environment and Health, University of York
  • 2013 BSc (Hons) Biology, University of Bristol


Sian joined the Univeristy of Exeter in 2018, working in the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH), initially on Greenkeeper, an Innovate UK project with Vivid Economics and Barton Willmore, which developed a toolkit to value the benefits of urban green spaces. She was then an Impact Fellow on the Informing environmental investment for health and wellbeing project, funded by the South West Partnership for Environment and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP).  

Previously, Sian studied BSc Biology at the University of Bristol before moving to the University of York for her PhD. This was part of the ESRC Health of Populations and Ecosystems (HOPE) project and investigated the benefits of freshwater blue space for health and well-being. She analysed UK-wide data on the benefits of blue spaces, as well as using qualitative methods to investigate the dual benefits of an urban river restoration project for the environment and human well-being. After finishing her PhD, she worked on a qualitative systematic review of environmental influences on older people’s travel behaviour.

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Research interests

Sian works at the interface between academia, policy and practice with a focus on knowledge translation. She is interested in decision-making at a systems level and the use of evidence in decision-making. Her research has considered this how best to achieve this, in the context of the benefits of the natural environment for human health and wellbeing, and within the health services and public health more widely.

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Journal articles

De Bell S, Zhelev Z, Bethel A, Thompson Coon J, Anderson R (In Press). Factors influencing effective data sharing between healthcare and social care regarding the care of older people: a qualitative evidence synthesis. Health and Social Care Delivery Research Abstract.
De Bell S, Zhelev Z, Shaw N, Bethel A, Anderson R, Thompson Coon J (In Press). Remote monitoring for long-term physical health conditions: an evidence and gap map. NIHR Journals Library Publications
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Price A, de Bell S, Shaw N, Bethel A, Anderson R, Coon JT (2022). What is the volume, diversity and nature of recent, robust evidence for the use of peer support in health and social care? an evidence and gap map. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 18(3). Abstract.
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Graham H, de Bell S, Hanley N, Jarvis S, White PCL (2020). Re: Letter to the Editor of Public Health in response to 'Willingness to pay for policies to reduce future deaths from climate change: evidence from a British survey'. Public Health, 179  Author URL.
de Bell S, White M, Griffiths A, Darlow A, Taylor T, Wheeler B, Lovell R (2020). Spending time in the garden is positively associated with health and wellbeing: Results from a national survey in England. Landscape and Urban Planning, 200, 103836-103836.
Graham H, de Bell S (2020). The representation of future generations in newspaper coverage of climate change: a study of the UK press. Children & Society, 35(4), 465-480. Abstract.
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Graham H, de Bell S, Flemming K, Sowden A, White P, Wright K (2018). Older people's experiences of everyday travel in the urban environment: a thematic synthesis of qualitative studies in the United Kingdom. Ageing and Society, 40(4), 842-868. Abstract.
Graham H, de Bell S, Flemming K, Sowden A, White P, Wright K (2018). The experiences of everyday travel for older people in rural areas: a systematic review of UK qualitative studies. Journal of Transport & Health, 11, 141-152.
de Bell S, Graham H, White PCL (2018). The role of managed natural spaces in connecting people with urban nature: a comparison of local user, researcher, and provider views. Urban Ecosystems, 21(5), 875-886.
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de Bell S, Graham H, White P (2016). P133 Ecological Interventions for Health Outcomes. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 70(Suppl 1).

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