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Health and Community Sciences

Children & Young People's Wellbeing @ Exeter Research Network

We bring together researchers across the University who conduct research in the area of children’s health and wellbeing.

The network spans many of the University’s colleges and represents 16 different groups, all with related work in this important field of enquiry. It was formed to ensure that strong collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking and skills are at the heart of the research conducted, for the benefit of children and young people.

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Children & Young People's Wellbeing @ Exeter Research Network
Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, University of Exeter Medical School, South Cloisters, St Luke's Campus, Exeter EX1 2LU
(44) 01392 727693

Research Groups and Key Researchers

Child Health and Wellbeing research within CHERC/Sports Science

Key researchers

Craig Williams

Children’s Clinical Research within Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Key researchers

Ravi Poorun
Katie Sales
Eva Wooding

ChYMe researches the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people with the aim of developing evidence-based policy and practice

Key researchers

Vashti Berry 
Helen Dodd
Franki Mathews
Tamsin Newlove-Delgado 
Abby Russell

Child Health and Wellbeing research within Social Sciences

Key researchers

Chris Boyle 
Lesley McAneny-Turner
Darren Moore
Katie Howard
Anna Mountford-Zimdars 
Brahm Norwich
Sally Palmer
Will Shield

Child health and wellbeing research within HumanitiesEnglish Literature, Drama and History

Key researchers

Helen Berry
Wendy O'Shea-Meddour
Heike Roms

Child health and wellbeing research within Law

Key researchers

Anne Barlow

NIHR PenARC works with practitioners, patients, carers and members of the public to conduct research that answers pressing questions for practice in the NHS and Social Care. They are a collaboration between the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, and health and social care organisations across the South West.

Key researchers and support staff

Vashti Berry
Gretchen Bjornstad
Sarah Brand
Helen Eke
Camilla Forbes
Charlotte Hewlett
Kristin Liabo
Stuart Logan
G J Melendez-Torres
Naomi Morley
Obioha Ukoumunne

PenCRU is a childhood disability research unit which involves families as partners in research through our Family Faculty. Thereby we aspire to make our research more relevant, useful and accessible to disabled children and their families.

Key researchers

Stuart Logan
Chris Morris

The Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) team support PenARC researchers and students to involve the public in their research projects. They conduct and publish research on how best to involve members of the public in health policy, research and practice. 

Key researchers

Kristin Liabo
Naomi Morley

The Relational Health Group works with schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces to create the conditions for health and reduce health inequalities.

Key researchers

Camilla Forbes
Jenny Lloyd
Katrina Wyatt

Child health and wellbeing research within Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Research groups

Egenis Group 

Key researchers

Samantha Hurn
Ginny Russell

The EASE working group brings together academics and postgraduate research students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds across the University of Exeter (including anthropology, philosophy, sociology, geography, bioscience, psychology, animal behaviour and computer science) whose research and teaching interests explore and address human interactions with other living things.

The EASE team has just been awarded a grant from the Society for Companion Animal Studies for a project exploring how best to support children following the death of a companion animal. The primary purpose of this research is to explore the experiences of individuals regarding childhood loss of a companion or support animal and to consider if there are measures which might benefit children in similar situations in the future.

Key researchers

Samantha Hurn
Brian Rappert

Key student representatives

Hannah Bunce (CLES)
Fred Cooper (HUMS)
Anna Gurung (CMH)
Hatrice Yildirim (GSE/CSSIS)
Mengya Zhao (CLES)