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University of Exeter Medical School

Working with the community

Exeter 10,000

Genomics DNA

Families affected by rare conditions or cancer across the South West are having their genomes sequenced as part of a national bid to shed new light on the genetic causes of disease.

Public involvement

Students sat around table brainstorming

Live in or near Exeter or Truro? We need your input to make sure our graduates are prepared for modern healthcare. You don't need medical experience, just enthusiasm to help us make our degree programmes the best they can be.

Outreach for schools

We offer a range of activities for students in Year 7 - Year 13 who want to find out more about medical and health-related sciences,  and aim to allow them to make an informed choice about whether this area of science could be the career for them.

Get involved in research

We believe that involving people in health and social care research is about giving the people who are meant to benefit from our research a say in shaping our research agenda.


Family image of 3 people hugging

The Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit (PenCRU) does research with families, not on them. This means that we are not looking to run tests or experiments on our participants. Instead we work with families to find out about their life experiences and use these to ensure that our research is worthwhile.

Health and Environment Public Engagement

The Health and Environment Public Engagement group (HEPE) meets quarterly and is made up of members of the public who live in the South West and who have an interest in research about the interconnections between environment and health.