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As a medical student who will one day be working as a doctor in the NHS, I think it's vital that we work with the public to develop the expectations they have of doctors and the NHS.

I will be doing a Masters in clinical education and so I jumped at the chance to be involved in the Public Involvement Group, so that I could understand what the public’s perception of knowledge for a doctor is. By doing this, I think this is another way Exeter can make the best prepared doctors possible.

Cameron Boyle, BMBS Medicine student

We are very proud of the excellent teachers and academics here at Exeter, but in order to make sure our graduates are well prepared for the demands of modern medicine, we need input from members of the wider public too.

It doesn't matter what background you are from – if you feel confident in expressing your views, working as a team and making decisions then you can help to ensure tomorrow's doctors, healthcare professionals and scientists deliver the best possible care.

Professor Jean McEwan, Vice Dean Education

Public Involvement in Medical Education

Public involvement events

Do you want to help ensure tomorrow’s doctors, healthcare professionals and scientists are the best that they can be?

Do you feel able to share your views, work well with others and make rational judgements?

If so, the University of Exeter Medical School needs you!

Contact us at if you want to get involved.

The University of Exeter Medical School is committed to ensuring that the education of future healthcare professionals meets the needs and expectations of society.

We want to continue to improve our consultation and engagement with our local population about the undergraduate education of doctors, healthcare professionals and scientists.

We will involve members of the public in decision-making around medical education by establishing a public involvement group and through larger scale consultations with the community and with patient groups.

The group will set its own agenda, and be open to enquiries from the School’s academic community. It is anticipated that group members will be involved in selecting which applicants are chosen to study on our degrees programmes, helping in key areas such as communication skills and decision making around appropriate professional standards. You will be instrumental in shaping the type of education students will receive to ensure that they become outstanding and socially-accountable graduates.

You do not need any background in education or in medicine – we are looking for a wide range of perspectives to ensure we are meeting our commitment to training outstanding, socially accountable doctors, healthcare professionals and scientists. You must be aged 18 or over.

How to get involved

There are different ways you can get involved, ranging from a couple of hours of your time to longer term commitments.

Public Involvement in Medical Education (PIME)

In this group you will be invited to attend events and to take part in specific educational activities or projects. This will allow you the flexibility to choose what you want to get involved in and how much time you would like to commit.

If you would like more information before signing up, please contact the Academic Lead Dr Stephanie Bull and the Administrator Helen Thomas at

Public Involvement in Medical Education Steering Group

Steering Group members will have active roles on education committees. They will then meet to discuss individual activity, collate ideas and submit an annual report for review by the senior managers of the University of Exeter Medical School. The group will also recommend when consultation with the wider community or patient groups is needed.

Is this for you?

We are looking for a range of perspectives, and for people with general skills including being able to share your views, work effectively alongside others and being able to make rational judgements.

Terms of appointment

It is expected that you will spend seven days a year working either on projects or attending meetings. Appointment is for one year initially, renewable for an additional three years. You will receive training and support in the role. An honorarium fee plus expenses will be provided.

Application process

Places on the group are limited hence the need for a selection process. Please submit an expression of interest describing why you would like the role (400 words maximum) by 25 September 2017. Selection will be based on your written statement and may be followed by a short telephone discussion. Adjustments can be made if you are unable to apply in writing. To apply or for more information please contact Dr Stephanie Bull and Helen Thomas at