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University of Exeter Medical School

Medical Sciences Laboratory

The Medical School invested in a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory for its Medical Sciences programmes.

Located at the St Luke's Campus, this facility services our core Medical Sciences and Neuroscience programmes, as well as the Medical Sciences pathways in Neuroscience, Human Genomics, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and the new Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences Programme.

Medical Sciences laboratory

The laboratory contains a range of standard equipment you’d expect to see within a modern teaching laboratory as well as some more specialist equipment such as a fluorescent microscope, physiological activity recording setups, close-circuit video recording and streaming system for teaching, and tissue culture facilities.

Students work under close supervision by experienced academics and technicians in a modern and ergonomically designed setting. The laboratory sessions are specifically designed to be well integrated and underpin the theory studied within the core modules, helping students to apply their learning as well as learn modern research techniques and develop their transferrable skills relevant to their future post-graduate professional training either in academia or within the knowledge industry.