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Meet the team

Please see below for a list of our ChYMe team members and associates. If you would like to get in touch with our research group, please e-mail or follow the individual links below to get in touch with a specific member of the ChYMe team.

ChYMe staff are also members of the University’s CHEER network. CHEER is the Children and Young People’s Health & Wellbeing Research Network. More information can be found here.


Name  Role
Kate Allen PhD Student
Christine Anning Project Administrator
Simon Benham-Clarke Graduate Research Assistant
Vashti Berry Associate Professor in Prevention Science & Head of Group
Gretchen Bjornstad Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sharon Blake Associate Research Fellow
Pam Bowman Associate, Clinical Research Fellow
Katie Briggs PA (Professional Services)
Lucy Cartwright Research Assistant (Secondment)
Joe Coombes Maternity Cover for Bryony Longdon
Helen Dodd Professor of Child Psychology
Linda Dumchen Group Administrator
Helen Eke Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Katie Finning AssociatePost-doctoral Research Fellow
Lily Fitzgibbon Senior Research Fellow
Tamsin Ford Honorary Professor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Alexa Gainsbury Academic Training Fellow & StR Public Health
Joanna Godfrey Honorary Research Associate
Alex Gude Research Assistant (Secondment)
Gisella Hanley Santos Research Fellow on the Kailo Project
Husna Hassan PhD Student (jointly with Psychology)
Jennie Hayes Associate, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Rachel Hayes Senior Research Fellow 
Suzie Holt Graduate Research Assistant 
Charlotte Kelman PhD Student
Stuart Logan Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology; Director, NIHR PenARC;
Bryony Longdon Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Tamanna Malhotra Research Assistant
Anna March Research Fellow
Franki Mathews Associate Research Fellow
Dulcie McBride Associate Member of ChYMe
Camilla Forbes (McHugh) Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Siobhan Mitchell Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Oana Mitrofan Associate, Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Rachel Nesbit Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tamsin Newlove-Delgado Senior Clinical Lecturer & Honorary Consultant in Public Health
Shelley Norman Associate Research Fellow
Sarah Olin Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ravi Poorun Academic Clinical Fellow
Anna Price Research Fellow
Abby Russell Senior Lecturer in Child Health & NIHR Advance Fellow
Ginny Russell Associate, Associate Professor in Sociology
Katie Sales Academic Clinical Fellow
Amy Sanders Graduate Research Assistant
Georgia Smith Administrator for the Kailo and CHOICES Projects and CHEER Network
Daniel Titheradge Associate, Consultant in Adult Psychiatry
Samuel Trethewey Public Health
Maria van Hove Public Health
Sarah Walker Research Fellow
Kath Wilkinson Research Fellow
Katie Wood Postdoctoral Research Associate
Eva Wooding Academic Clinical Fellow
Victoria Wren PhD Student