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What approach does APEx take to PPI?

The PenARC PPI team has developed training materials to support learning for researchers and public members. These include workshops to help public partners reflect on their lived experience and how to use their experiential knowledge to impact on research. Other workshops bring together members of the public and researchers working together on projects to discuss barriers to joint working and aim to improve collaboration between involved patients and researchers. See some examples of APEx's PPI.

How do I involve the public in my research? 

Most funders now expect researchers to work with patients and members of the public when they develop research ideas.

Planning during the proposal stage

The key to successful involvement is to think about it early on, not at the end of developing your proposal.
Think about how much time you will have to develop relationships with people, who will help them navigate the research system (if they are co-applicants on your application), and how you will cost their continued involved in your bid.

Approaching interested parties

When considering involvement in the research, think about who the main benefactors will be: patients with a particular condition, general members of the public who come into contact with primary care primarily through their GP surgeries, or carers of patients? Then consider how you might approach people with these experiences. The University of Exeter has some groups that work with members of the public on a regular basis.

Before you approach people to ask if they would like to work with you, consider what role you can offer them on your research.

Is your idea fully formed and you would like help with plain English descriptions of the research you plan to do? Or, do you have an inkling of an idea and would like people to help you shape this further?

Do you have funds to cover people's travel to come and see you at the university, will you be able to meet them where they live or where they usually gather (if you are linking in with a community group)?

What does the NIHR recommend?  

The National Institute for Health Research has developed a set of standards that we encourage you to work to. If you are applying for funding from the NIHR it is important that you explain how you will work to these standards. 

The NIHR has also published information on how they acknowledge the help provided by patients and members of the public in their work. You might refer to these when you cost up your application. However, some people use different rates, since it always depend on the role of the people you work with, what they would be happy with and also the higher the rates the less involvement you will be able to cost into your bid.

Take a look at PenARC's PPI Resources for Researchers.