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Public Health and Sport Sciences

Shatavari for muscle health and performance

Uncovering novel herbal applications using integrated human physiology techniques.

We have been studying the herb shatavari since 2019. We have shown that shatavari supplementation can increase handgrip strength in women after the menopause. We have also recently shown that shatavari supplementation alters the skeletal muscle proteome and upregulates proteins and pathways involved in training adaptation.

Close up on hands using a pestle and mortar

We are following up this work by investigating the effects of shatavari on muscle adaptations to strength training. This could have important implications for athletic performance, but also muscle health in older age.

Project partners

This work is funded by Pukka Herbs and is being carried out by Dr Mary O’Leary and Prof Jo Bowtell

We've discovered that shatavari can improve muscle performance in older women. Find out more in this video on omics research in Public Health and Sport Sciences.