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University of Exeter Medical School

Dr Jinpil Um

Dr Jinpil Um

Postdoctoral Research Fellow / RecoverED Study Programme Manager



Dr Jinpil Um is a Research Fellow in the College of Medicine and Health, University of Exeter. His research interests include inequality in later life (income, care, and health), ageing, mental health, informal care, health & social care policy, and dementia & long-term care.

He works as a programme manager on the RecoverED study at REACH. This research aims to develop and test a rehabilitation programme to help people recover from delirium.

Jinpil has previously worked on numerous research projects including development of the New Asian Active Ageing Index and investigating the gaps and challenges to reporting age-relevant, age disaggregated data for older people against priority indicators within the SDG Indicator Framework. He has also worked as a consultant on several research projects for the UNDP, UNFPA, and UNESCAP.


  • PhD Gerontology, University of Southampton
  • MSc Gerontology, University of Southampton
  • MA   Ageing & Society, King’s College London
  • BSc Business Management, Queen Mary, University of London

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6314-0508

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Research interests

Dr Jinpil Um's research interests span three distinct but related areas of investigation: inequalities in old age; social & health care policy; and carers and employment.

  • Inequalities in old age, particularly inequalities in the income, health, and social care
  • Long-term care, dementia care, unmet needs, and active and healthy ageing policies
  • Employment in later life and resources in both formal and informal carers in various settings

Research projects

RecoverED, REACH

Ageing-related Statistics in the Global SDGs Indicator Framework, UNDP

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Journal articles

Allan L, O'Connell A, Raghuraman S, Bingham A, Laverick A, Chandler K, Connors J, Jones B, Um J, Morgan-Trimmer S, et al (2023). A rehabilitation intervention to improve recovery after an episode of delirium in adults over 65 years (RecoverED): study protocol for a multi-centre, single-arm feasibility study. Pilot Feasibility Stud, 9(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Um J, Zaidi A, Parry J, Xiong Q (2021). Capturing gendered aspects of active aging in China: Insights drawn from the Active Aging Index in comparison with EU countries. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 15(1), 47-59. Abstract.
Zaidi A, Um J (2021). The new Asian Active Ageing Index: a case study of gender differences between two ASEAN member countries, Indonesia and Thailand. Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Journal, 28(1), 33-64.
Um J, Zaidi A, Choi SJ (2019). Active Ageing Index in Korea – Comparison with China and EU countries. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 13(1), 87-99. Abstract.
Zaidi A, Um J (2019). The New Asian active ageing index for ASEAN+3: a comparative analysis with EU Member States. Journal of Asian Sociology, 48(4), 523-557. Abstract.
Um J (2019). The determinants of income mobility of older people in England and South Korea. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 13(2), 199-208. Abstract.
Parry J, Um J, Zaidi A (2018). Monitoring active ageing in the Asia-Pacific region: Recommendations for future implementation of the MIPAA. International Journal on Ageing in Developing Countries, 2, 82-98. Abstract.

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