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 Christin Hoffmann

Christin Hoffmann

PhD Student


 +44 (0) 1392 726339

 College House 2.07


College House, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Christin joined the Psychology Applied to Heath group in 2013 when she started her Shell-funded PhD under the supervision of Professor Charles Abraham, Dr Stephen Skippon and Dr Mathew White. Within her doctoral studies, she is exploring determinants of travel mode choice. The project is particularly interested in investigating the changeability of attitudes towards different transport modes. Christin employs qualitative as well as quantitative methods with the aim to improve our understanding of why people decide to use or not use sustainable transport.

Her previous studies were in Marketing where she developed an interest into consumer behaviour, with a particular focus on collaborative consumption and its impact on the likelihood to car share.  

Before starting her PhD, Christin worked as an Analyst working with automotive manufacturers. Alongside her PhD studies, she has taken up a role as a part-time Web and Digital Communications Assistant at the University of Exeter Business School.


  • Certified International Marketing Assistant (Obermayr Business School, Germany)
  • BA (Hons) Marketing (University of Lincoln)
  • MSc Marketing (University of Nottingham)


Research interests

  • Pro-environmental behaviour and environmental psychology
  • Collaborative consumption, sharing economy
  • Travel mode choice (psychological correlates, applied social-psychological models)
  • Psychology of goals, models of goal pursuit, unconscious goal pursuit
  • Repertory Grid Technique


  • PhD funded by Shell Global Solutions (UK)


  • Hoffmann C, Abraham C, White MP, Ball S, Skippon, S (under review) What Cognitive Mechanisms Predict Travel Mode Choice? A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis. Transport Reviews.


Supervision / Group

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