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University of Exeter Medical School

 Alison Hurst

Alison Hurst

Associate Research Fellow


 +44 (0) 1392 726021

 South Cloisters 2.08


South Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


My current role within the Relational Health Group is as the data manager. I am involved with any data related work, including supporting systematic reviews, producing tables and writing papers. Previously I have worked with several large Randomised Controlled Trials within the Child Health group including the Healthy Lifestyle Programme (HeLP) and the Helping Children Achieve (HCA) study.


MSc in Science (Distinction) from the Open University

BSc (Hons) from the Open University (First Class)

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Research interests

Data Management, database development and coordination of data within a research trial environment;

Child Health and well being;


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Journal articles

Hurst A, Shaw N, Carrieri D, Stein K, Wyatt K (2024). Exploring the rise and diversity of health and societal issues that use a public health approach: a scoping review and narrative synthesis. PLOS Global Public Health, 4(1), e0002790-e0002790. Abstract.
McHugh C, Hurst A, Bethel A, Lloyd J, Logan S, Wyatt K (2020). The impact of the World Health Organization Health Promoting Schools framework approach on diet and physical activity behaviours of adolescents in secondary schools: a systematic review. Public Health, 182, 116-124. Abstract.  Author URL.
Wyatt KM, Lloyd JJ, Creanor S, Green C, Dean S, Hillsdon M, Abraham C, Tomlinson R, Pearson V, Taylor R, et al (2018). Cluster randomised controlled trial and economic and process evaluation to determine the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a novel intervention [Healthy Lifestyles Programme (HeLP)] to prevent obesity in school children. Public Health Research Abstract.
Lloyd J, Creanor S, Price L, Abraham C, Dean S, Green C, Hillsdon M, Pearson V, Taylor RS, Tomlinson R, et al (2017). Trial baseline characteristics of a cluster randomised controlled trial of a school-located obesity prevention programme; the Healthy Lifestyles Programme (HeLP) trial. BMC Public Health, 17(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Hurst A, Price A, Walesby R, Doolan M, Lanham W, Ford T (2014). Routine outcome monitoring of evidencebased parenting programmes: Indications of effectiveness in a community context. Journal of Children's Services, 9(1), 58-74. Abstract.
Williams AJ, Henley WE, Williams CA, Hurst AJ, Logan S, Wyatt KM (2013). Systematic review and meta-analysis of the association between childhood overweight and obesity and primary school diet and physical activity policies. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 10 Abstract.
Williams AJ, Wyatt KM, Hurst AJ, Williams CA (2012). A systematic review of associations between the primary school built environment and childhood overweight and obesity. Health and Place
Melzer D, Perry JRB, Hernandez D, Corsi A-M, Stevens K, Rafferty I, Lauretani F, Murray A, Gibbs JR, Paolisso G, et al (2008). A genome-wide association study identifies protein quantitative trait loci (pQTLs). PLoS Genet, 4(5). Abstract.  Author URL.
Rafiq S, Frayling TM, Murray A, Hurst A, Stevens K, Weedon MN, Henley W, Ferrucci L, Bandinelli S, Corsi A-M, et al (2007). A common variant of the interleukin 6 receptor (IL-6r) gene increases IL-6r and IL-6 levels, without other inflammatory effects. Genes Immun, 8(7), 552-559. Abstract.  Author URL.
Melzer D, Frayling TM, Murray A, Hurst AJ, Harries LW, Song H, Khaw K, Luben R, Surtees PG, Bandinelli SS, et al (2007). A common variant of the p16(INK4a) genetic region is associated with physical function in older people. Mech Ageing Dev, 128(5-6), 370-377. Abstract.  Author URL.
Frayling TM, Rafiq S, Murray A, Hurst AJ, Weedon MN, Henley W, Bandinelli S, Corsi A-M, Ferrucci L, Guralnik JM, et al (2007). An interleukin-18 polymorphism is associated with reduced serum concentrations and better physical functioning in older people. J Gerontol a Biol Sci Med Sci, 62(1), 73-78. Abstract.  Author URL.
Rafiq S, Stevens K, Hurst AJ, Murray A, Henley W, Weedon MN, Bandinelli S, Corsi AM, Guralnik JM, Ferruci L, et al (2007). Common genetic variation in the gene encoding interleukin-1-receptor antagonist (IL-1RA) is associated with altered circulating IL-1RA levels. Genes Immun, 8(4), 344-351. Abstract.  Author URL.
Melzer D, Hurst AJ, Frayling T (2007). Genetic variation and human aging: progress and prospects. J Gerontol a Biol Sci Med Sci, 62(3), 301-307. Abstract.  Author URL.
Melzer D, Murray A, Hurst AJ, Weedon MN, Bandinelli S, Corsi AM, Ferrucci L, Paolisso G, Guralnik JM, Frayling TM, et al (2006). Effects of the diabetes linked TCF7L2 polymorphism in a representative older population. BMC Med, 4 Abstract.  Author URL.


Axford N, Berry V, Lloyd J, Moore D, Rogers M, Hurst A, Blockley K, Durkin H (2019). How can Schools Support Parents’ Engagement in their Children’s Learning? Evidence from Research and Practice. Education Endowment Foundation,  London.

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