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Nature, Health and Well-being CPD Course

Nature, Health and Well-being

There are many health risks associated with exposure to natural environments - allergies, ticks, drowning, algal blooms, antimicrobial resistance, to name a few. However, this course takes a much more positive view of the nature-health nexus. It investigates how natural environments can benefit the physical and mental health of humans in a variety of different ways and how this topic has become increasingly important in policy. 

About the Course

This course will explore how natural environments can benefit the physical and mental health of people in a variety of different ways. It will address the relationship between nature and health, how the relationship works, why this matters for the environment, public health and sustainability, as well as how you can apply these learnings in your own practice.

This course investigates the potential for the natural environment to be harnessed as a resource to improve human health and wellbeing.  The potential mechanisms, moderators, and applications for these health benefits will be explored, considering large data sets and key studies linking nature and exposure and health, both within the UK and around the world.

Led by national and international experts from The European Centre for Environment and Human Health, this four-day course will be delivered virtually. 

Who is it for?

No pre-requisites or specialist knowledge are required to undertake this course, which is well suited to interdisciplinary learning. 

What will you learn?

  • What’s the relationship between nature and health? 
  • How does the relationship work – by which mechanisms? 
  • Who does nature-health work for (and not work for)? 
  • Why does this matter for the environment, public health and sustainability? 
  • How can you apply these learnings in your own practice? 
Event details

Dates:  20th, 23rd, 27th and 30th March 2023

Venue: Online via Zoom