Our students leave equipped with a range of skills they can translate into a number of different areas, around critical thinking and analysis, research design, data analysis, communication skills and being able to work in teams. Those are the skills that employers really value today. Psychology here at Exeter really opens up any number of doors to students to be able to take those skills and expertise out into the real world.

Dr Jo Smith, Director of Education, Psychology


We welcome applications from medical, veterinary or dental students from across the UK to undertake an intercalation year with us.

Applicants must have completed at least two years of their course (or three years for applications to Master’s level programmes) and have permission to undertake an intercalated degree from their home institution. Upon completion of the course applicants return to their home institution.

We have a range of programmes which are available to students as intercalation courses, from Genomic Medicine and Clinical Education to Environment and Human Health.

Our programmes

Learn more about the intercalated programmes that are available from our undergraduate and postgraduate course portfolio.

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Get in touch via ICD@exeter.ac.uk in you have any questions about our intercalation courses.