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 Roberta Torregrossa

Roberta Torregrossa

Research Technician


Geoffrey Pope Lab 226

I graduated in Chemistry and I have always had a particular interest in Organic Chemistry and organic synthesis. I worked for 6 months at the KU-Leuven University (Belgium).  My project at KU-Leuven involved: reactions under homogeneous and under heterogeneous phase catalyzed by silver salts and silver nanoparticles; reaction assisted by microwave.In my experimental  thesis, that I carried out at  the University of Torino (Italy), I  synthesized and  tested chiral organic molecules  as chiral acid catalysts.


  • 2013 (Msc). Advanced Chemical Methodologies (University of Torino, Italy)
  • 2011 (Bsc). Chemistry (University of Catania, Italy)


Research projects

I am currently working on the synthesis of new hydrogen sulfide (H2S)  donor organic molecules mitochondria-targeted (and others)  and on the study of  the H2S release mechanism. Hydrogen sulfide has been shown to have a potential protective role in a number of disease states including diabetes and various kidney disorders and to have a major role in the regulation of a number of vital biological functions in mammals.

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