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 Laura Pickup

Laura Pickup

Research Fellow


South Cloisters 2.31

I am a Chartered Ergonomist and have a clinical background as a Physiotherapist within the NHS. I joined the National Institute for Health Research CLAHRC South West Peninsula (PenCLAHRC) at the University of Exeter Medical School in 2016.

My role within PenCLAHRC is to demonstrate how implementation science can inform healthcare organisations to transfer scientific evidence into practical solutions, which enhance safety and efficiency of healthcare services.

I have experience completing field based research predominantly using qualitative research methods. During the last 4 years I have worked with healthcare organisations to deliver education and evaluate how system design can impact the safety and performance of everyday work.

Prior to PenCHLARC I worked as a researcher and independent consultant in the Transport industry focusing on developing tools to evaluate workload and understand the cognitive demands, decision making and strategies of control functions within the railway industry.  


  • 1992 Grad Dip Phys, Chartered Physiotherapist (Birmingham)
  • 2000 MSc (Nottingham)
  • 2007 PhD (Nottingham)


Research interests

I have greatest experience in qualitative research methods such as repertory grids, ethnography, interviews and surveys. I have developed tools and measurement scales for industries which apply theoretical concepts to be evaluated by managers and frontline staff. Research areas have focused on system safety and performance with a particular interest in complex systems.

I have an interest in operational and human factors research methods to inform implementation and knowledge mobilistation within healthcare organisations.

I am keen to consider how these methods can become implemented within healthcare organisations to inform decision making related to service provision and patient care.

Research projects

PenCLAHRC formative Evaluation of the PenCHORD Health Services Modelling Associates (HSMA) programme (EmMA)

PenCLAHRC enquiry into the use of modelling by PenCHORD within the DECODE project

  • H-Workload models and applications 2017 conference committee

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