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Ariel Edge

College Registrar


As College Registrar, Ariel is responsible for the effective operation of all the Medical School’s services to deliver its strategic goals, whether these services are delivered locally through discipline and college based teams or supported by central University administrative functions.
Working closely with the DVC and the Dean of College, her role spans: College governance and risk management; budgets, financial planning and operations; HR operations and strategy; executive support; capital and IT infrastructure management; student experience and services; curriculum and programmes support (including QA); Admissions, external relations, development and research support. She plays a key role supporting the executive group in strategic planning for the college and its disciplines and takes the lead for resources planning and allocations in the college
Ariel joins the Medical School from her previous role as College Manager in the College of Humanities. Prior to that, Ariel headed the professional administration of two of Exeter’s earlier Schools during a period of change and growth: the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (known as “HuSS”) and the School of History, Politics, and Sociological Studies (“SHiPSS”). Before joining Exeter, Ariel had worked at Universities in the UK and US, in roles including Planning Support, Admissions and International Recruitment, Student Support, and Faculty Management (Law). Outside the University sector, her professional background includes education (secondary; special needs; youth and community) and marketing services (sales, promotions and market research). She studied at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., graduating with a BSc International Relations, including Study Abroad in France.


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