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 Anita Hill

Anita Hill

 NIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility 


Anita joined Professor Andrew Hattersley's research team in 2003 and her current role involves, costing, working up and managing research projects, mostly related to diabetes.  She currently manages the StartRight  diabetes project for Dr Angus Jones:  A multicentre observational study, currently recruiting at >50 UK sites, which aims to achieve more accurate early classification of diabetes. In addition, she manages the JDRF funded TIGI study, investigating the mechanisms of persistent C-peptide secretion in Type 1 diabetes, and is setting up the ICCD study (Improving Clinical Care in Diabetes) which aims to determine the clinical, biomarker and genetic predictors of diabetes progression.

Based in the NIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility (CRF), Anita also coordinates the management of data for the CRF core research cohorts (Exeter 10 000 and DARE) and works closely with research colleagues in primary care. 

Before joining the clinical research team in 2003, Anita coordinated auction sales of commercial & industrial plant, machinery and vehicles.


Research interests

StartRight Prime (Diabetes UK) - Combining clinical features and biomarkers to identify patients with Type 1 diabetes in later life

StartRight (NIHR) - Getting the right classification and treatment from diagnosis in young adults with diabetes

TIGI (JDRF) - Assessing genetic and immunological predictors of endogenous insulin production in Type 1 diabetes

PRIBA (NIHR) - Identifying clinical and biomarker predictors of response to incretin based therapies for type 2 diabetes

DIRECT (EU IMI) - Stratification of Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Alliance for Research in England

Exeter Family Study of Childhood Health


Supervision / Group

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