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The Life Sciences Resource Centre (LSRC)

The LSRC is one of the main teaching and learning environments within the Medical School. The Centre supports learning of the biomedical sciences that underpin clinical practice. Sessions within LSRC involve active learning where students are asked to engage in activities that require them to think about what they are doing, rather than passively receiving information.

The LSRC contains a vast selection of anatomical models used for both teaching and during opening hours outside of taught sessions where students can come and use them to enhance learning. There is also a wide selection of books and real human bones.

Teaching Anatomy

A multi-modal approach is adopted for the teaching and learning of clinically relevant human anatomy.  This includes: surface anatomy, the use of plastic models, human plastinated tissue, human bones, radiological anatomy, computer-assisted learning and animal organ dissection.  A combined approach is believed to support the learning of anatomy in the context in which it will be encountered in clinical practice.