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University of Exeter Medical School

Joint Research Office

The Joint Research Office (JRO) is a partnership between the University of Exeter Medical School, and the RD&E Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. 

The JRO helps researchers to develop and deliver world-class experimental, translation and health research and provides a mechanism to enable effective collaborative working with life sciences partners.

The JRO works hand-hand with the RD&E Innovation Hub and the University of Exeter’s Innovation Impact and Business department, to bring health innovations to life for patients and businesses. 

This exciting and productive relationship enables us to deliver outstanding and globally recognised research and innovation; transforming clinical care, technologies and medicines for people locally, nationally and worldwide. 

"We know patients have better outcomes by being involved in clinical trials and as the COVID-19 pandemic has underlined, research into health makes a vital contribution to society. This is why the Royal Devon is consistently increasing research activity and are pleased to work in close collaboration with the University of Exeter in the Joint Research Office. Thanks to this long-standing partnership with the University, first class research and development capabilities ensure we are able to embed and offer the latest clinical care, technologies and medicines to transform the lives of our patients and their families as well as impacting nationally and internationally to improve health."

Professor Adrian Harris

Chief Medical Officer and Executive Lead for Research, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust