December 2016

Following our last update in September, we have been very busy over the last few months, and we’d like to share with you an update of what’s been happening within the ReGROUP project.

The systematic review is now complete. It focuses on the factors that influence GPs’ quitting and career break decisions. Our final report that goes along with it is also on the way to completion.

Our survey generated a great response rate of 67% of all GPs (nearly 3,500) in the South West. The results have now been written up and we are anticipating that they will be published imminently!

Recruitment for people to take part in our qualitative interviews is now finished and analysis of these interviews is well underway.

We have now recruited the RAM expert panel. They will begin rating our draft policy statements in January, looking at the feasibility of each statement and how likely it is that they could be implemented into practice. The information that has been used to generate the policies and strategies has been obtained from input gained through the qualitative work and the systematic review.

Our modelling work, centered around supply and demand on GPs over the coming years (based on information from the survey and qualitative work), is nearly complete and will be written up in the New Year.

We are currently planning the national stakeholder consultation meetings. The aim of these meetings will be to present the drafted policies and strategies rated most highly by the RAM expert panel. We are looking for key stakeholders to take part in the meetings and will be sending out invitations soon – so keep an eye on your inboxes!

We look forward to updating you again soon but in the meantime we wish you all a very merry Christmas.

The ReGROUP research team

September 2016

Our research is progressing well. We have nearly completed a systematic review of the literature around factors influencing GPs’ quitting and career break decisions and also administering a large-scale survey of all GPs in South West England. An impressive 67% of GPs responded to the survey, which will help us establish an estimate of the proportion of GPs who intend to permanently quit direct patient care and/or take a career break within the next 5 years. We are enormously grateful to all who gave their time to respond!

We are currently in the process of conducting interviews with a number of GPs who returned the survey and also with others involved in general practice workforce planning here in the South West. The aim of the interviews is to identify potential content that can be used to structure policies and strategies that could support experienced GPs to remain in direct patient care.

In addition, our Patient Public Involvement group have supported the systematic review work, by feeding in their views on the literature and providing comment on the content of the emerging report.
Our next stage will involve recruiting an expert panel comprised of members of key stakeholder groups with expertise in workforce planning to give their views on the proposed policies and strategies that we will shortly draft following the completion of our first three workstreams.

Programme of work
We are committed to completing this research in less than two years as follows:



Research team

Systematic Review

Jan – Aug 2016

Evidence Synthesis & Modelling for Health Improvement team (ESMI)

Workforce Survey

Jan –Jul 2016

Primary Care Research Group

Predictive Risk Modelling

Jan – Dec 2016

Centre for Workforce Intelligence

Qualitative Research

Jan 16 – Mar 2017

Primary Care Research Group/University of Bristol

Expert Panel

Sep 16 – Jul 2017

Tangerine Bee

Stakeholder Consultations

May – Sep 2017

Primary Care Research Group

We look forward to updating you again soon!

The ReGROUP research team