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Pfizer COVID vaccine – how does this affect participation in BRACE?

In light of the recent news regarding the possibility of a specific vaccine from the Pfizer team, many people have already asked us about how this might affect the BRACE trial. Importantly, it is possible to participate in the BRACE Trial and to receive any new coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available.

A number of points are relevant:

  • It may be sometime before any new vaccine (such as the Pfizer vaccine) becomes widely available – we are all awaiting advice from the government with regard to this.

  • The data relating to the Pfizer vaccine are still preliminary. From public announcements, it certainly does sound like this will be good news, and we, like everyone else, do hope that a specific vaccine will become widely available in the foreseeable future.

  • We feel that the BCG trial remains relevant and important to coronavirus and preparation for future pandemics. Unlike specific vaccines, BCG may potentially provide an important boost to the general immune system, with potential effects across a number of viruses. 

For these reasons, we believe that the BRACE Trial remains very relevant to the current situation.

As for taking part in another COVID-19 preventative intervention clinical trial – it would not be possible to also take part in BRACE. But taking a medicine or vaccine which has been proven to have beneficial effects would, of course, be entirely legitimate. Any vaccine or other medicine should only be taken with appropriate medical advice and guidance and in line with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

This is a rapidly developing situation and when we have any further relevant information we update this section.