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17 January 2013

Christabel Owens, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School

The place of qualitative methods in suicide research: What can and can't they tell us?  17 January 2013 Dr Christabel Owens

14 February 2013

Claire Falck - The process and outcomes of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in health care research: a natural experiment conducted through PenCLAHRC

Lucy Perry - Acknowledging and responding to the early signs of dementia in the family and social network

Iliana Lourida - Adherence to Mediterranean diet, cognitive function and dementia

Tom Littlejohns - Serum leptin and risk of cognitive decline in elderly Europeans

14 February 2013 Mental Health Research Group

12 March 2013

Guest speaker Professor Ian McKeith, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, Newcastle University Insitute for Ageing and Health -  Doctor I have dementia - will there be a cure?  Current advances in research and new treatments. 12th March - Prof Ian McKeith Dementia Lecture

14 March 2013

Guest speaker Dr Susan Kelly, Senior Lecturer in Medical Sociology, University of Exeter - Applying the sociology of diagnosis to mental health 14 March 2013 Dr Susan Kelly Mental Health Research Group

18 April 2013

Guest speaker Dr Barnaby Dunn, Associate Professor, Psychology, University of Exeter - Learning how to feel good: Understanding and treating the anhedonic symptoms of depression 18 April 2013 Dr Barnaby Dunn Mental Health Research Group

16 May 2013

Guest speaker Dr Peter Coventry, Research Fellow, Centre for Primary Care - Institute of Population Health, University of Manchester - 16 May 2013 - Peter Coventry - Manchester University

COINCIDE - Peter Coventry presentation

13 June 2013

Guest speaker Professor Francis Creed - Emeritus Professor of Psychological Medicine at the School of Community-based Medicine Manchester University - Can we now explain medically unexplained symptoms?  This seminar will take place at 13:00 pm in the Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter. ‎13 June 2013 Professor Francis Creed

Presentation Professor Francis Creed 13 June 2013

1 July 2013

Professor Alan Sinclair will present at the Pensinsula Medical School Lecture Theatre, at the Barrack Road, Wonford Hospital site - 5:00 - 6:00 pm  1 July 2013 - Professor Alan Sinclair Professor Alan Sinclair is Professor of Medicine at the University of Bedfordshire and Deputy Dean at the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical School.   Further details will follow shortly.

4 July 2013

Dr David Llewellyn, Dr Maya Soni, Thomas Littlejohns and Dr Elzbieta Kuzma will present their work in advance of their oral presentations at the Alzheimer's Conference in Boston later in July.  This will be held in the Lecture Theatre in the Veysey building and start at 1:00 pm. 4th July 2013 - Seminar - Emerging dementia risk factors   

Please see copies of posters presented at this Conference

Alzheimer's Conference Boston - David Llewellyn poster presentation

Alzheimer's Conference Boston - Iliana Lourida poster presentation

Alzheimers Conference - Boston - Thomas Littlejohns poster presentation

Alzheimers Conference Boston July 2013 - Iain Lang poster presentation

Presentations from the Conference follow:-

Dr Elzbieta Kuzma - AAIC Boston July 2013

Dr Maya Soni - AAIC Boston July 2013

19 September 2013

19 September 2013 Professor Adrian Taylor

Professor Adrian Taylor, Professor of Exercise and Health Psychology, University of Exeter.  The title of his talk will be The role of physical activity in enhancing mental health (and treating addictions): from theory, lab and evidence to practice. 

Professor Adrian Taylor - presentation 19 September 2013  To register your interest please email

17 October 2013

Professor Pat Kehoe - Professor of Translational Dementia Research, Bristol University 17 October 2013 - Professor Pat Kehoe 4:00 - 5:00 pm Room G18 Medical School Building St Luke's Campus, Exeter 19 November 2013

Dr Argyris Stringaris - Senior Lecturer, King's College London 19 November 2013 - Dr Argyris Stringaris - Kings College London 1:00 - 2:00 pm  Room G18 Medical School Building St Luke's Campus, Exeter

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