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20 January 2012  

Guest Speakers:  Katie Reeves - PhD Student, Child Health, PCMD  DAWBA

Dr Liz Sampson - Senior Clinical Lecturer/Hon. Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist - The Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Unit, UCL  Liz Sampson

27 February 2012 

Guest Speaker: Professor Navneet Kapur, University of Manchester - Suicide and self-harm: recent findings and future directions Please find link to Professor Kapur's presentation - if this is reproduced please ensure acknowledgement is given to all contributors of this research Nav Kapur

20 April 2012

Guest Speaker: Ginny Russell - Research Fellow Child Health Group, PCMD - Is earlier always better in the diagnosis of Autism? Ginny Russell

22 June 2012

Professor Willem Kuyken - Professor of Clinical Psychology and Co-Founder of the Mood Disorders Centre, University of Exeter. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy: A Promising New Approach Flyer_22_June_2012.pdf

2 July 2012

Associate Professor Brett Thombs, McGill University, Canada - Rethinking Recommendations for Depression Screening - This event is jointly hosted by the Mood Disorders Centre and will be held in their new building  Flyer_2_July_2012.pdf

20 September 2012

Guest Speaker: Professor Ed Watkins, Professor of Experimental and Applied Clinical Psychology & Chartered Clinical Psychologist "The How and Why of Rumination and worry: lessons for psychological treatments from experimental research into repetitive thought"

20 September 2012 Professor Ed Watkins

25 October 2012

Professor Chris Dickens - Professor of Pyschological Medicine - details to follow

25 October 2012 Chris Dickens Professor of Psychological Medicine

16 November 2012

Stephen Scott FRCP FRCPsych - Professor of Child Health and Behaviour

How to improve the Nation’s Parenting to achieve more secure  attachments and more considerate behaviour in children

Stephen Scott - Presentation 16-11-2012


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