Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Medical Imaging

The primary research theme within the Medical Imaging group is musculoskeletal imaging and associated pathophysiology.

Collaborations are held internally with sports science, engineering, physics and computer science in addition to external collaborations with local clinicians in emergency medicine and orthopaedics as well as other higher education institutions nationally and internationally.

There is a particular interest in osteoporosis and bone health in young and older populations and in diseases such as diabetes. Members of the group also have interests in radiation doses and imaging in obesity and dose reduction. There are strengthening collaborations and interest in the development and or testing of computer aided detection software to support trauma imaging.

The group underpin their projects with public and patient involvement and also have a research areas understanding patients’ perceptions of their imaging experiences and how to optimise these.


Saeed Alqahtani PhD student
Lucy Ashton Senior Lecturer
Jill Bleiker PhD student
Michael Gundry PhD student
Susan Hopkins Lecturer
Karen Knapp Associate Professor in Musculoskeletal Imaging
Sue McAnulla Senior Lecturer
Rob Meertens Lecturer and PhD student
Rachel Palfrey Lecturer
Richard Rendle PhD student
Suzane Scott PhD student (joint with Sports Science)