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Quality and Safety

Providing high-quality clinical care is a clear priority for healthcare systems. Quality of care is a complex and multidimensional construct. One commonly accepted definition conceptualises the quality of health care as to whether individuals can access the health structures and processes of care which they need and whether the care received is effective, thereby focusing on the domains of access and effectiveness. Although there is substantial variation in the domains proposed in the different definitions, it has been traditionally considered to be a characteristic of the process of healthcare delivery, as assessed in relation to standards. Ideally, there should be empirical evidence that care that adheres to such standards contributes to the delivery of efficient and effective health care.

Patient safety is a specific aspect of the quality of health care and it constitutes a current priority for the NHS. Much of the previous work on patient safety has concentrated on hospital and specialist care, and not on primary care. A stronger emphasis on primary care patient safety research is needed because many safety incidents identified in hospitals actually originate in primary care, an environment in which the overwhelming majority of healthcare contacts take place. 

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