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Threads and Yarns - An International Multimorbidity Research Network

Threads and yarns is a research network which draws together primary care researchers across several European countries with a common interest in research for informing the provision of best health care for people with a complex clinical status. The origin of the network lies in the International Primary Care Research Leadership programme hosted by the University of Oxford, and which originated as part of the Brisbane Initiative, an international collaboration of universities whose aim is to foster and develop future leaders in primary care research. The international programme put in contact researchers with a common interest, stimulated discussions and fostered a collaboration that has resulted in this network.

“Threads and yarns” is the image that Prof. Barbara Starfield proposed for the study of multi-morbidity (Starfield B, Ann Fam Med, 2006):

“As any weaver knows, the elegance of a fabric lies in the yarns, not the threads. The whole is lots more than the sum of its parts. In health services, the threads are the diagnoses on which interventions are based. How these threads are spun into yarn (the underlying biodynamic of the tapestry of health) is poorly understood, to the detriment of efforts to understand the genesis of health problems and the interventions associated with them.”

Central to this metaphor is the fact that while each individual clinical diagnosis is relevant for determining the health care needs of a person, the presence of multi-morbidty requires considering an additional level of complexity.


We aim to support each other in the development and conduct of research on multimorbidity that is relevant for primary care. We want to achieve this through collaboration, and peer support.


This network currently includes research from 13 institutions in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, and it covers interests in different areas of research in Primary Care with selected population, disease and methods and implementation focus. View the leads for each area, along with current active interests.

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This network currently includes research from 13 institutions in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, and it covers interests in different areas of research in Primary Care with selected population, disease and methods and implementation focus.

The leads for each area are listed, along with current active interests:

Symposium 2019: Patient centred clinical management of frail multimorbid elderly people using Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Friday June 14th 2019, Leeds Beckett University

Following the success of the previous international symposium on Multimorbidity and Frailty co-organized with the Karolinska Institut in 2018, the Health Services Policy Research Group at the University of Exeter in collaboration with the Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences (CHEOS) at the University of British Columbia, the School of Nursing at Trinity Western University, Canada and Leeds Beckett University held an international symposium on “Patient centred management of frail multimorbid elderly people using Patient Reported Outcome Measures.”

With the aim of better understanding the rationale, evidence and available tools for delivering patient centred care for this population, the symposium  was organized around presentations by invited speakers followed by open discussion with participants.  There was also an opportunity to attend a workshop at the end of the Symposium focusing on tool selection for this population.

Confirmed speakers at the Symposium included Joakim Öhlen (Director of the University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care), Rick Sawatzky (Canada Research Chair in Person-Centred Outcomes), Jose M Valderas (President of the International Society for Quality of Life Research) and Alies Maybee (a patient partner with expertise of the electronic administration of PROs).

The Symposium took place on the day following the Annual UK PROMs Conference, which this year was hosted by Leeds Beckett University.

Agenda and speakers

Symposium 2018: International symposium “Multimorbidity research at the cross-roads”, Stockholm 2018

International researchers, physicians and health services and health policy decision makers met at the Alfred Nobel Forum in Stockholm, on 21st May, 2018. Keynote speakers from Europe and the US, such as Mary Tinetti, Martin Roland, Luigi Ferrucci, Stewart Mercer, Cynthia Boyd, Jose M. Valderas and Alessandra Marengoni and discussants set the scene for subsequent constructive panel discussions. Additionally, the programme and the venue provided excellent opportunities for an exchange of ideas and networking among the ca. 120 participants. Key messages of the Symposium (see below) were formulated by participants in a series of subsequent workshops. Three working groups are currently collaborating in the preparation of reviews on clinical management and the public health aspects of multimorbidity, with the aim of publishing them by the end of the year.

The entire meeting was funded by the Journal of Internal Medicine (JIM), with further support from Karolinska Institutet, the University of Exeter, the KI Strategic Research Area in Epidemiology (SfoEpi), the Aging Research Centre (ARC), as well as the European Network on Multimorbidity ‘Threads & Yarns’. For further details, see the Conference programme 2018.

Multimorbidity research at the cross-roads: lessons learned

Conceptual issues:

  • Frailty, multimorbidity and disability overlap substantially at an individual level but are distinct constructs: a high proportion of individuals meeting the criteria for one do not meet those for others. Definitions of each construct may need to be tailored to each specific purpose and context.
  • A life-course approach will help in understanding the complexity behind these three constructs by providing a framework that encompasses the physical and social environment, as well as biological mechanisms.
  • Research on patterns of multimorbidity has the potential to address common disease pathways, contextualize disease accumulation, and develop efficient preventive and curative interventions. Future research needs to establish the internal and external validity of such clusters, their social determinants, longitudinal patterns of association, gender differences, and interactions with other geriatric syndromes.

Clinical care:

  • Models of care are still informed by single-disease approaches, but a model consistent with the challenges of multimorbidity is still lacking; i.e. multiple conditions with multiple etiological factors and multiple management options, and involving a wide range of health professionals.
  • In the clinical management of people with multimorbidity, the presence of conflicting priorities means that trade-offs and personalized management are necessary; i.e. the use of outcomes that are meaningful to patients (e.g. function), the formulation of explicit priorities and goals, and appropriate interventions both in terms of time to and absolute benefit, and burden.
  • Continuity of care offers an instrument to potentially maximising the effectiveness of multidisciplinary care teams while ensuring patient centredness. While care continuity is expected to improve satisfaction and outcomes, reduce costs, and lead to more appropriate decisions, evidence is still scant.

Health policy:

  • Performance assessment frameworks for people with multimorbidity should focus not only on the use of therapies likely to benefit these patients, but also on those unlikely to benefit or even likely to harm them. They also need to capture patients’ voices (both in the form of patient experiences and patient-centred outcomes -PROMs and PREMs-) and to establish whether patient preferences and values inform decision-making.
  • The design of healthcare systems for patients with complex needs will benefit from attention to the following key issues: patient selection and targeting, patient engagement, caregiver involvement, coordination of care, information systems, workforce planning, aligning funding and incentives, enabling innovation, and learning from experience.

Scientific Committee:

Laura Fratiglioni:

José M Valderas:

Amaia Calderón:

Davide Vetrano:

Christiane Muth:

Maria Eriksdotter: