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Health Professions Education & Wellbeing research group

The Health Professions Education & Wellbeing research group provides a forum through which to develop high quality and impactful research, drawing on the expertise and enthusiasm of university staff, clinical academics, students and patient representatives.

It is increasingly accepted that good health professions education and positive wellbeing are complex, dynamic and interconnected.  Our research group operates across departments, faculties, organisations, professions and disciplines to explore these issues holistically and across careers, from undergraduate student to those long established in the healthcare workforce.  Our ambition is to make a positive contribution to developing, and sustaining, a capable and committed health workforce. 

Research group members represent different groups and organisations (including the Medical School, Academy of Nursing, Clinical Education Development and Research, Centre for Research in Professional Learning, Devon Partnership Trust, Health Education England) and different job roles (including Academic Clinical Fellows, Academic Clinical Lecturers, Masters and doctoral students, Research Fellows, Research Associates, clinicians and academics). 

Led by Professor Karen Mattick, we provide a range of activities to develop ourselves and our research, including seminars, methodology workshops, journal club, peer-review sessions and regular social events.

We welcome direct approaches from prospective members, doctoral students, collaborators and funders.