How best to increase engagement in physical activity within challenged communities.

Health complexity

Sport England

Engaging challenged communities in physical activity: using Connecting Communities C2 as a vehicle for transformation

Sport England commissioned the Health Complexity Group and the Connecting Communities C2 programme to consider how best to increase engagement in physical activity within challenged communities.

It consists of the delivery and evaluation of C2 initially at a regional level and then to consider the engagement of any interested sub-regions in this work.

To date, the C2 programme has been delivered to people who share an interest in the regeneration of challenged communities. The programme was tailored to meet the needs of Sport England and its partners.

The HCG conducted exploratory research interviews with all seven leads of the County Sports Partnerships (CSP’S) who were to attend the regional level programme. To explore the issues, barriers, triggers and motivations of participants which would be used to inform and development a tailored C2 programme

The evaluation side of the project aims to:

  • To describe and explore the delivery of C2 to Sport England, its partner organizations and its key strategic stakeholders;
  • To explore the immediate impact of the programme on participants and presenters;
  • To identify challenges to the successful transfer of theoretical understandings and skills to the workplace;
  • To support and refine the ongoing development of C2 to this audience;
  • To identify lessons that may be transferable to other areas.

Final report (Doc - 239 kB)

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