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C2 Connecting Communities - Building Partnership the C2 way

Connecting Communities (C2) Experiential Learning Programme. This 4 day residential course is designed to re-energise, inspire and offer new learning, backed up by on-site visits, to effectively demonstrate ‘what works’ and stays working in challenged communities across the UK.

C2 is a cost effective way of reconnecting both local residents and frontline service providers to jointly improve health, well-being and local conditions in disadvantaged areas via the co-creation of a ‘People and Services Partnership’.

This is achieved by using the practical C2 7-step, evidence and asset-based approach, which has been used successfully in communities in the South West and nationally since 1995.  .

Designed and researched by a frontline Health Practitioner and GP, together with researchers from the University of Exeter Medical School, C2’s track record consistently demonstrates the power to break through longstanding barriers to achieve profound and lasting change within hard-pressed communities across the UK and is now active in over 20 neighbourhoods nationally.

C2 leads to strong, self-managing communities where residents are at the centre of decision-making supported by local service providers and results in high levels of community self-organisation and engagement, leading to long term transformative outcomes in health and social wellbeing.

The 7 step method

The approach can be described as a process of building community solidarity from the ‘inside out’ through a series of specific steps, while simultaneously building agency solidarity from the ‘outside in’ via the setting up of co-producing, problem-solving, People and Services Partnership.

The course provides

  • A basic grounding in the concept and 7 step approach using resident and agency tutors drawn from established partnerships.
  • Site visits to link C2 theory to the reality at street level.
  • Post-course follow up support in relation to practical application.
  • A unique C2 7 steps ‘ Handy Handbook’  for use both on the course and in your local project

Who should apply for this programme?

Community frontline service providers which may include Local Government, NHS, Housing, Education, Police, Fire Service, residents and volunteers.

What new skills and knowledge will this programme deliver?

As well as enhancing your own personal leadership and improvement knowledge this course will give you new insights to:

  • Recognise and work with the strengths within a challenged community
  • Co-create enabling conditions needed to release community and agency capacity
  • Listen effectively to enable residents to articulate a clear vision and develop a strong collective voice.
  • Appreciate the ‘invisible’ values needed to enable communities to self-manage.
  • Understand the power of a ‘Peoples and Services Partnership’
  • Appreciate the outcomes, sustainability and impact they have in  C2 communities

Next course

Date: Monday 6 - Thursday 9 July 2015

Cost: Residential delegates £995.00, non-residential £600.00

To book a place please contact Susanne Hughes via email or telephone: 07792256421.

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