Complexity theory provides a ‘sense-making’ framework of how organisations and individuals interact.

Health complexity

About us

The Health Complexity Group is a multi-disciplinary team offering professional and academic research, teaching and consultancy services to those involved in commissioning and providing services in health & social care, social & urban regeneration, and in user and community engagement. Our research interests focus on understanding the processes of change in these areas..

Our work is informed by the principles of complexity theory, and  we seek to test these principles on the findings of our ongoing work. Complexity theory provides a ‘sense-making’ framework of how organisations and individuals interact, relate and evolve within a larger social ecosystem and offers a different approach to managing organisations and communities through developing enabling conditions which allow self organisation leading to transformational change.

Our research offers rapid, real-time feedback, which helps to make sense of projects being undertaken by practitioners, and can shape the future development of these projects. This rapid feedback is supported by summative research which offers theoretical, evidence based, explanations to why the change processes occur in the way that they do and also why approaches do and don’t work as well as giving insight into the best way to tackle complex issues through new ways of organising, thinking and working.

We have collaborated with those involved in both policy design and implementation and have worked with all tiers of the public sector central government departments and agencies, regional bodies, strategic health authorities, local health care organisations, local police, education institutions, community groups, residents’ associations, user involvement groups.