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Dr Shoma Morita

Professor Emeritus

Jikei University School of Medicine


Morita Therapy

Morita therapy is a novel and sustainable treatment for various mental health issues developed by Dr Shoma Morita and widely practiced in Japan.  The underlying premise of Morita therapy is that symptoms of depression and anxiety are part of the natural ecology of the human experience.  Morita therapy helps patients to re-orientate themselves in the natural world and takes a restorative approach to nurture the individual’s natural capacity for health.  By helping patients to understand the place of human beings in the natural world and teaching them to accept that undesired symptoms are inevitable features of human emotion rather than something to be controlled or eliminated, Morita Therapy is in sharp contrast to established western psychotherapeutic approaches. 

A narrative review of 49 case studies and 4 quasi-experimental studies conducted at the University of Exeter by Dr Masahiro Minami indicates that Morita therapy is effective for a diverse range of issues and disorders, but that further work is required to both standardise the delivery of Morita therapy and investigate the efficacy of Morita therapy in controlled trials.

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Morita Events

The 9th International Congress of Morita Therapy took place at the University of Exeter's Xfi Centre, on 1st - 2nd September 2016, preceded by a half day workshop on 31st August 2016. Delegates from many countries, including Japan, China, Australia, Canada and the USA, took part in presentations and discussions on the topic: Sustainable Psychotherapies for the 21st Century.

Morita Trial

From September 2015 to October 2016, we have been running a pilot randomised controlled trial of Morita therapy compared to primary care as usual. We are also collecting information on the acceptability of Morita Therapy through qualitative interviews. On completion of this study we will have undertaken all the important preliminary and developmental stages to proceed to the design and conduct of a fully-powered evaluation of Morita therapy, or to conclude that such a trial is not appropriate and/or feasible.

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Sugg H, Richards D, Frost J (2016). Morita therapy for depression and anxiety (Morita Trial): study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial. Trials, 17:161.

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