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Resources and Tools

Resources and tools

We have developed tools and resources to support primary care clinical research and practice. Begin by reading Professor John Campbell's selection of Primary Care key literature.


General Practice & PROMs

  • The APEx team have led the design/evaluation of the English GP patient survey (since 2008) - the principal instrument informing metrics in the 2019 NHS Outcomes Framework and national GP Indicator dataset.
  • The EMPRO tool was developed to measure the quality of patient-reported outcome measure instruments (PROMs).
  • The Patient Reported Experiences and Outcomes of Safety in Primary Care instrument (PREOS-PC) is a suite of patient reported instruments developed to measure patient safety in general practices from a patient perspective. 


Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer risk assessment tools are now available in electronic form for all major UK GP clinical computing systems. These tools have also been used in parts of Australia, Denmark and soon Sweden. 

  • The Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) is designed to be used in symptomatic populations presenting to primary care and support GPs in deciding which patients require further investigation or referral.
  •  The ERICA trial is testing electronic risk assessment tools (eRAT) to aid GPs in the identification of cancer. 


Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Self-help manual REACH-HF is designed for people with heart failure and their caregivers to help them manage their condition using the principles of cardiac rehabilitation.