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REACH Network

REACH Network

The REACH Network was established in 2016. It aims to bring together colleagues from the University of Exeter from a range of disciplines, including the social sciences, business, arts and humanities and the medical school, whose current research activities and interests include a focus on ageing and dementia.

If you’d like to join the network email and search #REACHExeter for network related activities.

REACH Network news

17 July 2019

The REACH network gathered for presentations by:

Professor Jane Elliot, a professor of sociology from University of Exeter, will give a talk: ‘Planning for the future in mid and later life: reflections from different cohorts.’

Claire Miller, an Impact and Partnership Development manager – Health and Wellbeing, from University of Exeter, will give a talk: ‘How can Innovation, Impact and Business support you and your work? Connecting with industry and the third sector.’

Samantha Strickland, delivery manager from South West Academic Health Science Network, will give a talk: ‘Thinking about making an impact on lives - role of the AHSN and how we can work together.'

5 December 2018

The REACH network gathered for presentations by:

Dr Iza Kavedžija, Lecturer in Anthropology, from University of Exeter, gave a talk: ‘The attitude of gratitude: Inhabiting the moment with older Japanese’.

Dr Joseph Butchart, Consultant Physician, from Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust, University of Exeter, gave a talk: ‘Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s disease: recent failures and future directions’.

Professor Louise Allan, Professor of Geriatric Medicine, from University of Exeter, gave a talk: ‘Developing an Intervention for Fall Related Injuries in Dementia’.

19 September 2018

We were really pleased to welcome four people with lived experience of dementia to join the meeting to take part in a ‘fishbowl conversation’

Participants: Hilary Doxford, Peter Paniccia, Chris Roberts and Jayne Goodrick

Facilitator: Associate Professor Piers Kotting

Below are blogs from two of the participants in the previous ‘fishbowl conversation’ that Piers facilitated, which give a really nice view on the format.

25 April 2018

The REACH network gathered for presentations by:

  • Dr Ruth Lamont, from University of Exeter, School of Psychology, gave a talk: The ‘A Life More Ordinary’ project - Sharing experiences of living with dementia through art.
  • Louise Vennells, Press and Media Manager from University of Exeter, gave a talk: Communication and media.
  • Dr Joanne Connell, from University of Exeter Business School, gave a talk: Working Towards a Dementia-Friendly Visitor Economy.

13 December 2017

The REACH network gathered for presentations by:

  • Colin Bray, Libraries Unlimited. Colin gave a talk ‘Building a dementia friendly community one library at a time'
  • Sophie Smith, Impact and Partnership Development Manager.  Sophie told us about the upcoming Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and gave a short overview of work of the Innovation, Impact and Business team
  • Dr Susy Hope, geriatrician and UEMS Clinical Lecturer.  Susy talked about potential collaborations with South West Ambulance Service

16 May 2017

We have heard from Charlotte Burrows, Design Council Social Innovation Programme Manager, about the Transform Ageing programme and from Rachael Litherland and Steve Milton co-directors of Innovations in Dementia, about their work on empowering and inclusion of people with dementia. Thank you to our speakers for engaging talks and everyone who joined the meeting. 

12 September 2016

The aim of the event was for REACH Network members to get to know each other better, in a more informal setting. We carried out ‘academic speed dating’ session. We had 7 minutes to talk with one of the colleagues about our research interests and then moved to talk to another colleague. With six rounds we had a chance to get to know a good proportion of the Network Members. Hope everyone enjoyed the session!

8 June 2016

On 8 June 2016 we held the inaugural invitation-only meeting of the Centre for Research in Ageing and Cognitive Health (REACH) Network. Professor Manuela Barreto talked about the HASS ageing theme and Professor Linda Clare introduced the recently established REACH centre. Members shared information about their work and research interests, and discussed ideas for developing the network in a way that provides optimal benefit for all those involved. Thank you to everyone who joined the meeting and for all the positive feedback. We hope that the network will be a meaningful, sustainable and valued community.

Current Members

Current Organising Team

Professor Linda Clare, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Professor Gabriella Giannachi, English

Dr Catriona McKenzie, Archaeology

Professor Louise Allan, UEMS and REACH

Professor Vicki Goodwin, UEMS and PenCLAHRC

Dr Jane Masoli, UEMS and Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust

Professor Jane Elliott, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology


Past members of Organising Team

Dr Julia Teale

Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer

Dr Ola Kudlicka

Dr Barbora Silarova



Catherine Alexander, College of Medicine and Health

Louise Allan, UEMS and REACH

Cariad Astles, Drama

Tania Barton, Law School

Bert Bond, Sports and Health Sciences

Joanne Bowtell, Sport and Health Sciences

Chloe Bradwell, Drama

Joe Butchart, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust

Linda Clare, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Rachel Collins, UEMS and REACH

Giovanna Colombetti, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Joanne Connell, Business

Anne Corbett, UEMS

João Correa Delgado, UEMS


Tia deNora, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Jane Elliott, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Paul Farrand, Psychology

Alice Garrood, UEMS

Gabriella Giannachi, English

Vicki Goodwin, UEMS

Ali Haggett, History

Johanna Harris, English

Lucy Hodges, Welcome centre cultures + environments of health

Suzy Hope, UEMS

Chrissy Hussey, Admiral Nurse

Rachel Johnstone, Admiral Nurse

Iza Kavedzija, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Susan Kelly, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Debbie Kinsey, UEMS

Ola Kudlicka, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Ruth Lamont, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Iain Lang, PenCLAHRC

Catherine Leyshon, Geography

Mike Leyshon, Geography

David Llewellyn, UEMS

Rachael Litherland, Innovations in Dementia

Nicholas Luscombe, UEMS

Anthony Martyr, Psychology and PenCLAHRC

Saul Mason, Admiral Nurse

Jane Masoli, UEMS and Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust

Catriona McKenzie, Archaeology

Steve Milton, Innovations in Dementia

Rachel Murray, Admiral Nurse

Noreen Orr, UEMS and PenCLAHRC

Stephen Page, Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire

Janice Ranson, UEMS

Jessica Rundle, UEMS and the Graham Cole Scholar

Serena Sabatini, Psychology and UEMS

Gareth Shaw, Business

Rob Magnuson Smith, English and Creative Writing

Philip Stern, Business

Ken Stein, PenCLAHRC

Katherine Strick, UEMS

Avelie Stuart, Psychology

Ingelin Testad, UEMS

Jo Thompson Coon, UEMS

Louise Vennels, Press and Media Manager, University of Exeter

Jason Weetch, UEMS

Jakki Whitehead, Admiral Nurse

Penny Xanthopoulou, UEMS and MHRG

Adam Zeman, UEMS