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  • British Psychological Society Annual conference, Brighton, May 2017 - presentation by Professor Linda Clare on Living well with dementia: a systematic review. The full list of co-authors is: A. Martyr, S.M. Nelis, C. Quinn, R. Lamont, C. Henderson. I.R. Jones & C. Victor.
  • International Federation on Ageing's Global Think Tank on Ageing, April 2017 - Professor Linda Clare participated in the meeting focused on cognitive reserve and its implications for policy and practice.
  • British Neuropsychiatry Association 30th Annual Meeting, London, February 2017 - poster presentation by Dr Sharon Savage on Long-term follow-up in Transient Epileptic Amnesia: Prognosis over 10-20 years. (PDF, 379kb) The full list of co-authors is: C. Butler, J. Baker, J.R. Hodges & A. Zeman.

Past conferences and talks can be viewed in the Talks archive.