Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Assistant Professor Carlos F. Collares

Assistant Professor. Maastricht University, The Netherlands


Assistant Professor Carlos F. Collares

Plenary - Using computerized adaptive testing to optimize the educational utility of progress tests

Learning outcomes

  • The psychometrics behind computerized adaptive testing
  • How a computerized adaptive test algorithm works
  • How computerized adaptive testing benefits progress testing as a strategic assessment tool for learning


Carlos is Assistant Professor of Medical Education at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. He holds an M.D. degree (2002) with specialization in Occupational Medicine (2003), a Master degree in Psychology (2003) and a Doctoral degree in Psychology (2015). His doctoral thesis studied how social cognitive career theory constructs can influence career choices of medical students regarding their specialty and practice location. His research focuses on assessment in the education of healthcare professionals, particularly, on progress testing, computerized adaptive testing, Rasch model, item response theory, cross-cultural adaptation assessment tools and validity. He is responsible for the development and implementation of a computerized adaptive edition of the International Progress Test for Maastricht University and in countries such as Finland, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. Since January 2015 he also holds an appointment as Assessment Specialist for the European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA), a European foundation with the mission of promoting best practice in assessment for learning in medical education. He is a member of the teaching staff of the Master of Health Professions Education programme and a supervisor of MHPE candidates. He is a reviewer for several international journals.