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University of Exeter Medical School

 Enrico De Luca

Enrico De Luca

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

 South Cloisters 


South Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Enrico joined the University of Exeter in April 2022 as a Senior Lecturer in the Academy of Nursing. In addition, he has held academic positions as a research fellow for the Department of Translational Medicine (UPO), Program Lead for Postgraduation Healthcare Professions courses, specifically for Community Nursing (2019-2021) and collaborated in research projects and education with the University of Rome Sapienza - Psychology Faculty and Nursing Department. 

Enrico possesses a solid clinical background (acquired in 25 years of critical care nursing in Italy and the UK) and extensive experience teaching health professions in practice. 

In 2008, he created, with some Italian nurses and health professionals, a group dedicated to studying the Humanisation of Care and the use of Touch and interpersonal contact within the care relationship. Therefore, he developed an interest in studies exploring the lived experience of Illness and the person-centred model of care. Moreover, since then, he has been involved in teaching and researching Touch in the healthcare context

In the academy of Nursing, Enrico is covering the role of clinical practice lead.


  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • BSc (Hons) Nursing
  • Master’s degree in Pedagogy, Adult Education and Lifelong learning
  • PhD in Educational Research and Psychology

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Research interests

Enrico was actively involved in various Italian and international research projects, published in scientific journals, on topics such as intensive care, touch, palliative care, learning and interprofessional care, spirituality in health and innovation in health services. He is interested in mixed method and qualitative research methodologies. ResearchGate profile:

Research projects

  • “IFeCARE study. Family and Community Nurses’s Model of Care of the Santhià Center (Vercelli District): an Ethnographic study”. University of Oriental Piedmont – Department of Translational Medicine
  •  "The Palliative Care Specialization Pathways for Heath Care and Medical professions in Italy: a Sociological Study” - Unitelma Sapienza (Rome), University of Turin and University of Catanzaro.

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Gallagher A, Deering K, De Luca E (2023). Nursing Practice and Education., Routledge.

Journal articles

Moretti C, De Luca E, D'Apice C, Artioli G, Sarli L, Bonacaro A (2023). Gender and sex bias in prevention and clinical treatment of women's chronic pain: hypotheses of a curriculum development. Front Med (Lausanne), 10 Abstract.  Author URL.
Cosentino C, De Luca E, Sulla F, Uccelli S, Sarli L, Artioli G (2023). Leadership styles' influence on ICU nurses' quality of professional life: a cross-sectional study. Nursing in Critical Care, 28(2), 193-201. Abstract.
De Luca E, Sena B, Cataldi S (2023). Supporting ethical end-of-life care during pandemic: Palliative care team perspectives. Nursing Ethics, 30(4), 570-584. Abstract.
Barisone M, Busca E, Bassi E, De Luca E, Profenna E, Suardi B, Dal Molin A (2023). The Family and Community Nurses Cultural Model in the Times of the COVID Outbreak: a Focused Ethnographic Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(3), 1948-1948. Abstract.
Davis A, Repar P, Wilson M, De Luca E, Doutrich D, Thanasilp S (2023). Transforming Nurse Self-Care Through Integration of Spirituality: Lessons from an International Collaboration in Palliative Care. J Transcult Nurs, 34(1), 91-99. Abstract.  Author URL.
Gallagher A, Whittaker M, Cox G, Coxon G, Frankland C, Coniam P, De Luca E (2022). Care leaders safeguarding the rights of care home residents during COVID-19: Moral failures offering moral lessons. Nurs Ethics, 29(5), 1093-1095. Author URL.
Sarli L, Artioli G, Bogotto S, Labelli E, Pittella F, Guasconi M, De Simone R, De Luca E, Rossi S, D'Apice C, et al (2022). From classroom training to e-learning: a journey through the quality of learning life of nurse students in post-graduate education - a longitudinal qualitative study. Acta Biomed, 93(S2). Abstract.  Author URL.
Sena B, De Luca E (2022). Managing the end of life in COVID patients. The role of palliative care in emergency departments during the pandemic. Front Sociol, 7 Abstract.  Author URL.
De Luca E, Cosentino C, Cedretto S, Maviglia AL, Bucci J, Dotto J, Artioli G, Bonacaro A (2022). Multidisciplinary team perceptions of the Case/Care Managers’ role implementation: a qualitative study. Acta Biomedica, 93(3). Abstract.
Cataldi S, Sena B, De Luca E, Fusillo F (2022). The Delphi technique: limits and potential from a sociological research experience. Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, 2022(127), 5-24.
Campani D, De Luca E, Bassi E, Busca E, Airoldi C, Barisone M, Canonico M, Contaldi E, Capello D, De Marchi F, et al (2022). The prevention of falls in patients with Parkinson's disease with in-home monitoring using a wearable system: a pilot study protocol. Aging Clin Exp Res, 34(12), 3017-3024. Abstract.  Author URL.
De Luca E, Wilson M, Shaw MR, Landis TT (2022). “Permission to Touch”: Nurses’ Perspectives of Interpersonal Contact during Patient Care. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 44(5), 456-465. Abstract.
De Luca E, Sena B, Cataldi S, Fusillo F (2021). A Delphi survey of health education system and interprofessional nurse' role. Nurse Education Today, 99 Abstract.
Wilson M, De Luca E (2021). Equitable Integrative Pain Care: Are We There Yet?. Pain Management Nursing, 22(6), 681-683.
Sena B, De Luca E (2021). Searching for a professional identity: a qualitative study of the oncology nurses role in a multidisciplinary breast-unit team. Acta Biomedica, 92 Abstract.
De Luca E, Fatigante M, Zucchermaglio C, Alby F (2021). “Awareness to touch”: a qualitative study of nurses’ perceptions of interpersonal professional contact after an experiential training. Nurse Education in Practice, 56 Abstract.
De Luca E, Galizio M, Resta D, Papaleo L (2020). Integrating Massage within Oncology Nursing Care: an Italian Pilot Study. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 13, 194-206.
Binks R, de Luca E, Dierkes C, Franci A, Herrero E, Niederalt G (2015). Prevalence, clinical consequences and management of acute faecal incontinence with diarrhoea in the ICU: the FIRST™ observational study. Journal of the Intensive Care Society, 16(4), 294-301. Abstract.
Bayón García C, Binks R, De Luca E, Dierkes C, Franci A, Gallert E, Niederalt G, Wyncoll D, Vaes P, Soderquist B, et al (2013). Expert recommendations for managing acute faecal incontinence with diarrhoea in the intensive care unit. Journal of the Intensive Care Society, 14(4). Abstract.
Bayón García C, Binks R, De Luca E, Dierkes C, Franci A, Gallart E, Niederalt G, Wyncoll D (2012). Prevalence, management and clinical challenges associated with acute faecal incontinence in the ICU and critical care settings: the FIRST cross-sectional descriptive survey. Intensive Crit Care Nurs, 28(4), 242-250. Abstract.  Author URL.


Gallagher A, Deering K, De Luca E (2023). Introduction. In  (Ed) Nursing Practice and Education, Routledge, 1-12.
De Luca E, Sadler V, Berry A, Coxon I, Almond H (2023). The Fundamentals of Nursing Care Pillar. In  (Ed) Nursing Practice and Education, Routledge, 13-29.
De Luca E (2022). The Transformational Power of an Intercultural Research Team. In  (Ed) .
De Luca E (2020). In caregivers' hands: Interpersonal touch and contact within caring. In  (Ed) Caregiving: Perspectives, Experiences and Challenges, 137-173.  Abstract.

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External Engagement and Impact

Editorial responsibilities

Editorial Board member:

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Teaching responsibilities:
Enrico adopts different pedagogical styles and approaches to teaching. He is interested in a natural and interactive teaching style, and he aims to design his lectures in the form of experiential workshops, bodywork experiences and interprofessional approaches to achieve valuable learning.
Since 2008, He has taught in academia, health organisations and post-graduation courses on interpersonal touch and contact in care, aiming to raise health professionals' awareness on this subject and improve patient care.



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