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Dr Stephanie Bull

Dr Stephanie Bull

Senior Lecturer (E&S)



 College House G.03


College House, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Stephanie is a senior lecturer with an education focused role at the University of Exeter Medical School.  Her leadership roles have included Problem Based Learning, assessment and public involvement. She is currently leading the development of education scholarship, evaluation and research for the Undergraduate teaching team.

Broad research specialisms:

Stephanie is involved in evaluating teaching interventions in the undergraduate medical curriculum.  Most recently she has explored the impact of updating PBL cases and processes to better reflect current educational thinking.  

She is also interested in the formation of socio-academic networks,and how these influence a students ability to thrive, both in terms of attainment and wellbeing.

Stephanie is interested in how newly qualified doctors make their medical decisions and particularly the contribution of biomedical science to this process.  

Finally she is interested in the career decisions of academics and clinicians and how this informs the development of supportive work environments and practices. 


PhD Epidemiology of Campylobacter in broiler chickens (2005 from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bristol)

Fellow and Senior Fellow of the HEA 2012 and 2014 respectively


Research interests

Stephanie is the author of 17 peer reviewed articles and has published in the field of Medical Education. She regularly presents at international educational conferences such as ASME and AMEE.

S. Bull K. Mattick, K. Postlethwaite. 2013. ‘Junior doctor decision making: isn’t that an oxymoron?’ A quantitative analysis of junior doctors’ ward based decision-making. Journal of Vocational Education and Training. 65 (3) 402-421

N Campbell, A Sabra, L Alderson, S Bull. 10 Dec 2009. Choosing a specialty. BMJ Careers.

SA Bull, KL Mattick. What biomedical science should be included in undergraduate medical curricula and how is this decided? 2010 BEME rapid review. Medical Teacher. 32: 360-367

Neve, H, Bull S, Lloyd H, Gilbert K, Mattick K.  Evaluation of an innovative, evidence-guided, PBL approach.  2018.  Clinical Teacher, 15 (2), 156-162

Clinical Teaching Fellows, the new norm? - Experiences of Fellows and Education faculty.  Submitted to Clinical Teacher,  May 2021

Research projects


Grants awarded to investigate educational impact of interventions in PBL cases (multi-centred 2012-3, 10K)

Grant to enhance the transitional spaces around the Exeter Medical School (2015-7, 6K),  

SEDA grant to investigate education focussed academic careers (2020-1, 4K)

ASME board award to investigate the interconnectivity of medical students (2020-21, 20K)




Journal articles

Jenkins HE, Boddy K, Bull SA (2023). The patient voice: More than a tick box exercise?. Clin Teach Abstract.  Author URL.
Couchman D, Donnachie D, Tarr J, Bull S (2022). Clinical Teaching Fellows, the new norm?—Experiences of fellows and education faculty. The Clinical Teacher, 19(4), 299-307.
Neve H, Bull S, Lloyd H, Gilbert K, Mattick K (2018). Evaluation of an innovative, evidence-guided, PBL approach. Clin Teach, 15(2), 156-162. Abstract.  Author URL.
Bull S, Mattick K, Postlethwaite KC (2013). “Junior doctor decision making: isn’t that an oxymoron?” a qualitative analysis of junior doctors’ ward-based decision making. Journal of Vocational Education and Training
Jorgensen F, Ellis-Iversen J, Rushton S, Bull SA, Harris SA, Bryan SJ, Gonzalez A, Humphrey TJ (2011). Influence of season and geography on Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli subtypes in housed broiler flocks reared in Great Britain. Appl Environ Microbiol, 77(11), 3741-3748. Abstract.  Author URL.
Bull S, Mattick K (2010). What biomedical science should be included in undergraduate medical courses and how is this decided?. Med Teach, 32(5), 360-367. Abstract.  Author URL.
Bull SA, Thomas A, Humphrey T, Ellis-Iversen J, Cook AJ, Lovell R, Jorgensen F (2008). Flock health indicators and Campylobacter spp. in commercial housed broilers reared in Great Britain. Appl Environ Microbiol, 74(17), 5408-5413. Abstract.  Author URL.
Allen VM, Bull SA, Corry JEL, Domingue G, Jørgensen F, Frost JA, Whyte R, Gonzalez A, Elviss N, Humphrey TJ, et al (2007). Campylobacter spp. contamination of chicken carcasses during processing in relation to flock colonisation. Int J Food Microbiol, 113(1), 54-61. Abstract.  Author URL.
Bull SA, Allen VM, Domingue G, Jørgensen F, Frost JA, Ure R, Whyte R, Tinker D, Corry JEL, Gillard-King J, et al (2006). Sources of Campylobacter spp. colonizing housed broiler flocks during rearing. Appl Environ Microbiol, 72(1), 645-652. Abstract.  Author URL.
Sturdee AP, Chalmers RM, Bull SA (1999). Detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in wild mammals of mainland Britain. Vet Parasitol, 80(4), 273-280. Abstract.  Author URL.
Quy RJ, Cowan DP, Haynes PJ, Sturdee AP, Chalmers RM, Bodley-Tickell AT, Bull SA (1999). The Norway rat as a reservoir host of Cryptosporidium parvum. JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE DISEASES, 35(4), 660-670. Author URL.
Quy RJ, Cowan DP, Haynes PJ, Sturdee AP, Chalmers RM, Bodley-Tickell AT, Bull SA (1999). The Norway rat as a reservoir host of Cryptosporidium parvum. J Wildl Dis, 35(4), 660-670. Abstract.  Author URL.
Bull SA, Chalmers RM, Sturdee AP, Healing TD (1998). A survey of Cryptosporidium species in Skomer bank voles (Clethrionomys glareolus skomerensis). Journal of Zoology, 244(1), 119-122. Abstract.
Chalmers RM, Sturdee AP, Bull SA, Miller A, Wright SE (1997). The prevalence of Cryptosporidium parvum and C. muris in Mus domesticus, Apodemus sylvaticus and Clethrionomys glareolus in an agricultural system. Parasitol Res, 83(5), 478-482. Abstract.  Author URL.

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External Engagement and Impact


 Senior Aspire Fellow and Senior Fellow of the HEA 2014

External Examiner for Phase 1&2 at BMBS at Imperial College London (2017-2021)

Member of the Education Research Committee, Association of the Study of Medical Eduction (2021)



Taking a 2 year break from teaching at Exeter to focus on developing scholarship, evaluation and research with the Undergraduate teaching team. 


Co-Lead Problem Based Learning in Year 1 and 2 medical programme. 

Lead for Year 1 knowledge assesment medical programme

Member of discipline group for Microbiology and Immunology

Module lead for MSc Clinical Education Masters - Literature Reviews

Delivers, science lectures, science seminars, PBL sessions and marks a range of assessments



Supervision / Group

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