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 Sian Grace

Sian Grace

PhD Student

 RILD Building Level 3


University of Exeter Medical School, RILD Building, RD&E Hospital Wonford, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW, UK


Sian completed her MSc degree at the University of the West of England (Bristol) in 2015 where she specialized in blood sciences. Following her interest in autoimmune disorders, she took up a technician role in the European Islet Autoantibody Reference Laboratory based in the Diabetes and Metabolism group at the University of Bristol. Sian subsequently moved into a research technician role specializing in developing novel non-radioactive high-throughput methods for the detection of these islet autoantibodies.

Sian joined the University of Exeter in September 2019 after being awarded an E3 PhD Studentship. Sian’s PhD research; working with Dr Angus Jones; is focused on improving adult diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes using islet autoantibodies.


  • MSc Biomedical Sciences (Blood Sciences)
  • BSc Applied Biomedical Sciences (Clinical)


  • E3 PhD Studentship


Research interests

Previously Sian has been involved in the development of novel luciferase based assay systems for the detection of islet autoantibodies. Her research involved creating small volume, multiplexed and alternative format assays with enhanced sensitivity and specificity.

Her PhD with Dr Angus Jones will involve improving the clinical utility of islet autoantibodies with a focus on improving classification and diagnosis of diabetes in adults.

Research projects

Current Projects:

  • Improving Adult Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes using Islet Autoantibodies


Supervision / Group

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